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Manchester & District
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MetrO - Northern Moor

MetrO: a night street type event run in daylight, with public transport to a choice of starts, and with the option of a paperless map.

Tue 19th Apr 2016

Type of event: Local, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 21st Apr


Event Report

Organiser's Comments

It was a glorious evening in South Manchester and the event gave rise to three achievements of note.

James Walsh had a cracking run to complete the Very Long race, and ran at least 15km in just under 62 minutes.

Paul Turner put up a Shackleton-esque display of navigation. He ran the Very Long race with 31 controls, with a map but no control descriptions. When he got to a circle he guessed the control and the question and then went on to answer it. Documenting same on the back of his map. He got every control right bar one - the 4 wacky popular trees. You will remember that even Shackleton landed on the wrong side of South Georgia, so getting just one incorrect control is entirely forgivable.

(Paul, you may have given us an idea for the NSL Cup.)

At the other end of technology Andrew Littlewood used the Map on an App to run the Short course, came back and discovered how to set the map with it.

All good fun.

Peter Ross

Pre Event Info

Venue: The Gardeners Arms, Wythenshawe Road, Northern Moor, Manchester M23 9DD. (Adjacent to the Metro Station: Wythenshawe  Park)

Runners will set off on the brand new Metro going north towards Chorlton before alighting at the appropriate station and running back to the Gardeners Arms.

There will be three legs with 31 controls in total. The very long race starts at Chorlton Metro station before wandering through the historic side of Chorlton. It will meet up with the long race which starts at Barlow Moor Road station and has a very pleasant path run through Chorlton Water Park. Both join the short race at Northern Moor station for a last leg of intricate urban orienteering before arriving at the pub, where there will be Robinson's ales, hotdogs and meat and potato pies.

The controls will be items of uniquely identifiable street furniture - just as they are for the Night Street League. The control cards will also be very similar to NSL participants so it will be necessary to carry a pen or pencil. There will be electronic timing. Dibbers will be required too (you can borrow one from us if you don't have your own).

A paper map will be required for each leg, but for those who prefer to use their smartphones there will be MapTiler maps available for anyone who wants to run with a Map on an App. Link to MapTiler App is

Assembly and finish

Gardeners Arms, Wythenshawe Road, Northern Moor, Manchester, M23 9DD


Will take place from 5 pm


£3.00 seniors and £1.50 juniors. Those 16 and under must run with a senior.

Course Details

Sunset: 20:16hrs

Metro frequency: 11 minutes

Very long course:

Distance 10km straight; 14.9km optimum
Start at Chorlton Metro Station, fare £2.20
3 paper maps
Map on an app available.
Start time must not be later than 7.00pm

Long course:

Distance 7km straight, 10.3km optimum.
Start at Barlow Road Station, fare £1.60
2 paper maps
Map on an app available
Start time must not be later than 7.15pm

Short course:

Distance 3.4km straight, 5.3km optimum.
Start at Northern Moor Station, fare £1.40
1 paper map
Map on an app available
Start time must not be later than 7.30pm

Reserving a map

Please contact Peter Ross at by midnight on Tuesday 12th April if you would like to run - we need to print maps on Wednesday 13th April (at the latest), and will need to give the pub some idea of the meals required by Sunday 17th.

He will need to know:

Your course (very long, long, or short)
Your map choice (paper, MapTiler, or both)
Your probable choice of meal (hotdog, meat and potato pie, none) [the first two come with chips]


Nearest town: Manchester

Contacts / Officials

Organiser/Planner(s): Peter Ross and Jillyan Dobby

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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