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Night Street League 2 - Heaviley

Event #2 of the Night Street League Series 2019-20

Final results and wrong answers (updated 28/02/2020 - late run) ...

Tue 12th Nov 2019

Type of event: Local, Night, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 28th Feb


Event Report

Please check your results carefully for spelling/club/year of birth/correct timing and score, and let us know asap of any errors. If your score is not what you were expecting, and you don't feature in the wrong-answers list, one of us has made a mistake.

Don't forget that if you can't make a particular event, you can get the map and questions from Grahame , and run by yourself before or after the day, and have your score included.

Wrong answers

(number in brackets is the correct answer)

#22 (72) Nick Colwill and Ashling Chin 44

Pre Event Info

Venue: The Finger Post, 434 Hempshaw Lane, Stockport, SK1 4QA

Register 6.00 to 7.00pm. Starts 6.30 to 7.30pm. Fee £4/£2.

Score event with 40 minute, 60 minute or 75 minute time limit. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult. 16 and 17 year olds can compete alone but ONLY with written consent from parent/guardian. Lights essential (+ back-up). High-visibility clothing compulsory.

Further information on the format and event schedule, including tips for beginners, can be found on the Night Street League Series 2019-20 page.

This will be a mobile phone enabled "MapRun" event - please read the information given below carefully - and especially note the highlighted changes.

Additional information from the event team

John and Rebecca have provided the following information:

Parking: There’s a fairly small car park behind the pub – 100m West of the pub along Hempshaw Lane, turn South into Lowndes Lane, and after another 100m turn left along a tarmac drive into the car park. If it is full, there’s plenty of on-street parking along Lowndes Lane.

Food: The landlord has supplied the following restricted menu:

Scampi served with chips and peas £7.95
Beef Burger served with chips and salad £8.95
Vegetarian Burger served with chips and salad £7.95
Chicken Burger served with chips and salad £8.95
Lasagne served with garlic bread and salad £7.95
Steak pudding served with chips and peas £7.95
Cheese and onion pie served with chips and peas £8.95
Meat and potato served with chips and peas £8.95
Hot beef and onion barm served with chips £5.45
Chicken and stuffing barm served with chips £5.45

if you are planning to eat in the pub (even if you're not absolutely sure) after the event, please email Grahame at with your choice from the menu by 6pm Sunday 10th November.

Start and Finish: are about 40m apart – the Start is at the SE corner of the pub building, the Finish is on the drive into the Car Park.

Map Scale:  1:12000.  This event doesn’t go into the acclaimed Offerton Estate, but there’s interesting new mapping in several parts of the area.

Hazards:  The pub is right on a significant 4-way junction - you’ll need to be careful when arriving or leaving that side.  Also, the A626 Stockport-Marple road may need to be crossed, and there are long stretches without official crossings.

This event is the first counting NSL event to be mobile-phone enabled, following the enthusiastic reception of our trial at last season’s Cup Final. However, if you can’t, or don’t want to, use your phone to record controls, that’s fine, it will work just like any other NSL event – with map, clue sheet and hand-written answers.

EVERYBODY will need a dibber for Start/Finish timing, and EVERYBODY will carry a paper map and clue sheet and should have a pencil to hand.

People who want to use their phone should download the MapRun app and register themselves before they come. If you look for events in Manchester UK you should find a Heaviley demo event, and the Heaviley NSL event which is pin-protected (the pin will be revealed on the night).

STOP PRESS: the event has been set up and tested using MapRun. It would be sensible to install that rather than the under-development MapRunF that is now offered alongside MapRun. Also, you can download the maps for both events at home, which may avoid potentially dodgy pub wifi or data settings (it’s fine – you can’t actually see the downloaded map until you provide the event PIN).

You’ll want to work out how and where you’re going to carry your phone, and you’ll need your usual watch(es) as timing will be based on dibbing not on MapRun.

The demo event is a start, finish and a couple of controls in nearby Chorlton Grove – walk out of the car park, turn right onto Lowndes Lane, left onto Hempshaw Lane and first left into Chorlton Grove. Having said you want to do the demo event, press Goto Start and Start GPS and it should beep close to the first lamppost on the right.

Race process for non-phone users is exactly the same as usual. Rock up at the Start Table, dib and pick up your map, tootle round writing answers down, and dib at the Finish Table.

Race process for phone users is:

  1. Download the event, and go to the Start Table to pick up the PIN.
  2. Go do your warm up.
  3. When you’re ready to run, press Goto Start and Start GPS and wander around near our Start Table until your phone beeps and declares you have started.
  4. Present yourself to the Start Table, dib, START YOUR WATCH and pick up your map.
  5. Tootle round your chosen controls. Should you suspect your phone hasn’t registered a control – don’t fret or panic, just write the answer down as usual on your clue sheet and carry on. Note that it doesn’t allow you to Finish until you’ve got at least one control, so it is OK to run through the finish immediately after you start, should you want to go out that way.
  6. Dib at the Finish Table, and then if your phone hasn’t already beeped, wander around until it does. It doesn’t matter if it beeps before you dib (as is very likely) – our time will be taken from your dibs, not from your phone.
  7. Admire your result on the screen in the NSL room. Download your dibber and hand in your clue sheet. Any hand-written answers will be checked and added  to your MapRun score.

NB.  You may need to change your data settings to enable you to a) download the map at the pub, and b) upload your results. You may also need to fiddle with sound levels and what happens with sleeping.  With my Sony Experia, soon after starting, the screen goes to sleep and stays that way, but every control gives a decently loud beep. Other phones will behave differently. Use the demo event to make sure you have a solution you are happy with.

Reserving a map

To reserve your map(s) for this event, please email Grahame at indicating the number required and also your food requirements, by 6pm on Sunday 10th November.

If you are a "first-timer", please provide details of your club, and year of birth, along with your name.

And don't forget ...

All competitors MUST wear a high-visibility top.

There are no exceptions to this, and no excuse for not wearing one, as we can lend you one if you have forgotten yours.  

NO High Viz top, NO GO.


Nearest town: Heaviley, Stockport

Contacts / Officials

Series Co-ordinator: Grahame Crawshaw

Enquiries to 

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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