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Night Street League 6 - Didsbury / Withington

Event #6 of the Night Street League Series 2019-20

Final results (updated 24/02/2020 - late run) ...

Thu 30th Jan 2020

Type of event: Local, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 24th Feb


Event Report

Please check your results carefully for spelling/club/year of birth/correct timing and score, and let us know asap of any errors. If your score is not what you were expecting, and you don't feature in the wrong-answers list, one of us has made a mistake.

Don't forget that if you can't make a particular event, you can get the map and questions from Grahame , and run by yourself before or after the day, and have your score included.

Wrong answers

(number in brackets is the correct answer)

#21 (1) Paul Turner, Bob Verity 2 – probably a nearby LP rather than the TP

#40 (01) Alan Barker, Kath Markey 51

#52 (06) Ian Gilliver 08

#58 (05) Penny Heap 06

#65 (07) Alan Barker, Kath Markey 01

#75 (3) David Wills ?

Lost property

Left in the pub:

- a bright yellow bag containing assorted cookies and a roll of large maps of European cities.

- brown Stabilo OHPen

Email to claim

Pre Event Info

Venue: The Green Finch, Palatine Road / Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, M20 3ZA

Register 6.00 to 7.00pm. Starts 6.30 to 7.30pm. Fee £4/£2.

Score event with 40 minute, 60 minute or 75 minute time limit. Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult. 16 and 17 year olds can compete alone but ONLY with written consent from parent/guardian. Lights essential (+ back-up). High-visibility clothing compulsory.

Further information on the format and event schedule, including tips for beginners, can be found on the Night Street League Series 2019-20 page.

This event has been planned as a MapRun event, using an App (MapRun) and the GPS capabilities of your smartphone to track your route and record the controls visited. Many of you are already familiar with this - it was enthusiastically received at the cup final in Urmston last season, and earlier this season at event 2 in Heaviley.

We would encourage everyone to have a go, but if you can’t, or don’t want to, use your phone to record controls, that’s fine, it will work just like any other NSL event – with map, clue sheet and hand-written answers. EVERYBODY will need a dibber for Start/Finish timing, and EVERYBODY will carry a paper map and clue sheet and should have a pencil to hand. For those using the App, the answer sheet provides a backup for any controls which fail to register - you don't need to write anything for those which do!

Additional information from the event team

The organising team (Doug and Ian) have provided the following information ...

plus an additional information sheet giving guidance on the recommended SETTINGS for both Android and iPhones when using the MapRun App ...

Parking: The pub has a large car park (entrance via Lapwing Lane). If it is full, check out the grid of streets to the North of Lapwing Lane / East of Palatine Road, but please do not block residents’ access.

Food: A menu can be found at: The kitchen closes at 21:00; please order before then, preferably before your run indicating your expected return time.

Event Information: The event is a MapRun event using the GPS capabilities of smartphones (together with a paper map and clue sheet). However if you prefer the traditional style, hand-written answers on the clue sheet are fine. I have avoided the easy option available in a MapRun event of putting every control on a lamp post, so for those who enjoy the “treasure hunt” aspect of these events, some more interesting locations are included.

Please download the MapRun app and the event file beforehand (see PDF file for hints on using MapRun).

A test course is available for those unfamiliar with MapRun, taking a couple of minutes to go round. It uses the same start and finish as the real course, so you can test that your phone will register those locations.

Map Scale: 1:12,500

Control Sites: For those using pencil and paper to record your visits to control sites, be aware that

  • Some (33, 47, 54, 55) require a word rather than a number or single letter.
  • The answer to control 72 (S Bike Rack) is the number of stands in the rack.
  • Control 29 (PS) is a pumping station - it looks like a very large green box

Start/Finish Procedure: Race time, for users of both MapRun and conventional pencil and paper, will be determined by a dibbing start and finish close to the map distribution. Before joining the queue for the map hand-out, start the MapRun app and click “Start the GPS”. The PIN needed to load the MapRun map will be available en-route to the map queue.The MapRun start is a short distance away from the map distribution and is located on the pedestrian exit from the pub to Palatine Road. The MapRun finish is adjacent to the map distribution shelter. Make sure you get a beep at both start and finish otherwise your race data will be lost.

Hazards: There are two exits from the pub property: one is via the entrance to the car park off Lapwing Lane. There is no pedestrian pavement on the driveway from the car park – take care, beware of cars entering or leaving the car park. The other exit is from the main entrance to the pub giving immediate access to the busy Palatine Road – take care, and give consideration to the pub customers. Take care crossing all roads.

MapRun Map Files:

  • The test event can downloaded as Didsbury-Intro. Select “Event List” and then navigate to MR UK/MR Manchester/NSL/Didsbury-Intro PXAC. The NSL sub-directory is towards the bottom of the Manchester directory list.
  • The event file will be available from Tuesday 28th Jan. Select “Event List” and then navigate to MR UK/MR Manchester/NSL/Didsbury-NSL PXAS PZ ScoreQ75.

Reserving a map

To reserve your map(s) for this event, please email Grahame at indicating the number required, by 5pm on Monday 21st January.

Please indicate whether you are likely to eat in the pub after your run.

If you are a "first-timer", please provide details of your club, and year of birth, along with your name.

And don't forget ...

All competitors MUST wear a high-visibility top.

There are no exceptions to this, and no excuse for not wearing one, as we can lend you one if you have forgotten yours.  

NO High Viz top, NO GO.


Nearest town: Withington / Didsbury

Contacts / Officials

Series Co-ordinator: Grahame Crawshaw

Enquiries to 

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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