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Orienteering Club

Night Street League 8 - Woodsmoor

Event #8 in the Night Street League Series 2013-14

Thu 20th Feb 2014

Type of event: Local, Night, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 21st Mar


Event Report

Planner - Trevor Roberts
Checker - Rebecca Glen

Comments from the marking team (controls checked by Trevor Roberts)

As usual there were a number of wrong answers - 24 in total affecting 17 control sites. We identified 5 where the answer had been written in the wrong box, and although Trevor was initially prepared to look sympathetically at these, we have not allowed them - to maintain consistency with decisions made at previous events.

Trevor comments below:

As for the correct numbers in the wrong box, I go along with the views expressed about being consistent throughout the series. Nevertheless, I think that this needs looking at again before the next season and efforts made to try to persuade all the runners to double check their answer sheets before handing them in.

This sound advice may come a little late for this series, but its well worth bearing in mind!

Wrong answers:

#20 Zoe Barton 406 vs 112 (possibly #32 in wrong box) - Slightly sympathetic but the numbers are not close on the sheet or the map

#32 Sara Taylor, Jane Rawlings 405 vs 406, Darren Baker 408 vs 406 - This green box has numbers on both ends (north and south). The south side numbers are very clear and the '6' is definitely a '6'. However the north side is not so clear and the '6' could be interpreted as an '8' in the dark. I cannot see how anyone could have interpreted it as a '5'. Hence I think Darren should be given the points but not Jane or Sara.

#34 Paul Hunt 54 vs 40 - WRONG

#38 Pete Lomas 71 vs 78 - The number on this TP is very high on the post. The black numbers are on white disks and although the black has tended to fade, the numbers are decipherable and the final '8' of '1478' looks nothing like a '1'. I think that this should be marked as WRONG.

#41 Amy Barton 2 vs 6, Rob Taylor 4 vs 6 - Both WRONG

#44 Dave Riley 02 vs 72 - The numbers on this TP are again black on white disks. In this case the disk with the number '7' is very faded and only the outline of the number is visible. I cannot make it out as a '0' but the disk itself is, of course, circular. The number '2' on the second disk is very clear. If other people have managed to mark this correctly I would say that this error should be marked as WRONG.

#46 Dave Riley 4 vs 6 - WRONG

#50 Paul Hunt 97 vs 92 - There are no doubts on this one. The white disks all have clear black numbers ''1892'. The answer '97' is therefore WRONG.

#55 Steve Martin 74 vs 73 - There are no doubts on this one either. The white disks all have clear black numbers '773'. The answer '74' is therefore WRONG.

#59 Laura Hindle 2 vs 7 - This is a clear 7. WRONG

#61 Mike Greenwood LP8 vs TP1 - WRONG

#62 Pete Ross 788 vs 070 (obviously #63 written in wrong box) - Sympathetic with this one, Zoe Barton 678 (possibly #65 in wrong box) - Slightly sympathetic with this but the numbers are further apart on the sheet.

#63 Carolyn Hindle, Peter Gorvett 070 vs 788 (obviously #62 written in wrong box) - Sympathetic with these

#65 Jane Rawlings 788 vs 678 (but probably #63 in wrong box) - Slightly sympathetic with this but the numbers are further apart on the sheet.

#66 Trevor Longman 7 vs 1 - This is a very clear number 1.

#70 Paul Clifford 55 vs 45, Zoe Barton 92 vs 45 - This TP has an old set of numbers showing '184' with the final digit missing. There is a nail where the disk should be. However, there is a new set of disks about 30cm above, where the numbers '1845' are very clear indeed. The Paul Clifford and Zoe Barton answers are clearly WRONG.

#71 Andrew Littlewood 1 vs 6 - There could be some doubt about which lamppost to use here. The alternative is 7. So I am inclined to allow 7 but not 1. David Morris 4 vs 6 - WRONG - 4 is on the other side of the street

Pre Event Info

Venue: The Jolly Sailor, 218 Bramhall Lane, Stockport, SK3+8TE

Register 6.00 to 7.00pm. Starts 6.30 to 7.30pm. Fee £3/£1.50.

Further details on the Night Street League 2013-14 page.


Nearest town: Woodsmoor

Contacts / Officials

Grahame Crawshaw 01457 866264

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

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