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Night Street League Final - Hazel Grove / Heaviley

Night Street League Series 2022-23 'Cup Final' at which trophies and prizes for the 2022-23 series are presented.

Tue 07th Mar 2023

Type of event: Local, Night, Street
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 13th Mar


Event Report

Updated results (13/03/2023) ...

Pre Event Info

The Hydrant Trophy will be presented to the winner on the night. The Running Bear-sponsored Owl trophies will be presented to the winners of the Men's and Women's Handicap competition in the NSL, together with a number of small additional prizes for those who have done well in the overall league tables.

Additional trophies to reward Improved Performance and Consistency will also be awarded. You don't necessarily have to be at the top of the league to win either of these ...

Score event with 40 or 60 minute time limit.

Under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult. 16 and 17 year olds can compete alone but ONLY with written consent from parent/guardian. Lights essential (+ back-up). High-visibility clothing compulsory.

Venue: Puss in Boots, 147 Nangreave Road, Heaviley, Stockport, SK2 6DG

The event will be a MapRun event, enabling use of the MapRun6* app on your phone or the MapRunG app on to your watch. 

*There is an updated version of MapRun which, even though it is a "trial" version, is now available for download to phones. Please DO NOT be tempted to use any updated versions at the rest of this season's events.

If you are new to the system, please read the instructions on our website

and download the MapRun apps to your phone or watch.  The event files will be available a few days before the event. You are strongly advised to download everything you need before you arrive at the event.

As usual, you can use paper or MapRun or both to claim your points.

There is a trivial MapRun demo if you want to check your technology before the main event. 

Start and Finish will be timed using SI as usual.

Pre-registration and entry

To enter the event, everyone should pre-enter using the MDOC Registration System This process will guarantee that a map is available for you on the night. 

If you are running as a pair, you both need to pre-enter the event.

On the night registration will be based in the pub. You will need to pick up your personalised clue sheet and a dibber (if requested) and pay for your entry. Our preferred system of payment is by contactless card - using the Zettle system. Cash payments will be possible, but not encouraged.

Please note that all runners will receive a map, and will be charged for it (£4 senior, £2 junior);  additional maps (for people running in pairs) will be charged at £2.

Because of the increasing day length, the start window will be from approximately 6.30 - 7.30pm to allow time to calculate the various winners. 

You do not need to select a start time - just turn up during the start window when you are ready and we will start you as soon as possible. 

A limited number of maps may be available for entry on the day, but please do not rely on it.

Deadline for pre-entries is Sunday 5th March at midnight.

Special Cup Final rule

As is traditional for our end of term Cup Final and Prize-Giving event, it will offer something different from our usual format.

The competition for tonight's trophy is a 40 / 60 minute score event  with an additional twist involving allocation of additional points for visiting Hydrant controls. Over to planner Clare for an explanation ....

Special Cup Final rule - the Griffin-Britton Hydrant Accumulator Modifier:

As you chase around in pursuit of the Hydrant Trophy, we've got a hydrant-based extra event rule.  

40 and 60 minute courses will be available.  Collect sets of hydrants to score bonuses as follows:

  • 60 minute course: visiting 3 hydrants will score an extra 60 points in addition to the hydrants’ normal control values.
  • 40 minute course: visiting 2 hydrants will score an extra 40 points in addition to the hydrants’ normal control values.

Collect as many sets as you like.  You do not need to visit the hydrants consecutively.  Each hydrant can only be scored once (obviously).

Time to get those clue sheets out of your bumbag and start scrutinising them!

(please send any queries about the rule to , and we'll pass them on to Clare.)

The winner on the night will be awarded The Hydrant Trophy, and the handicap system used ensures that everyone who takes part has a chance of winning the coveted prize.

Our annual Prize-Giving - based on performances over the 8 event league season - will take place as soon as possible after the last finisher gets back - hopefully at around 21.00. Please stay in the pub for a drink and a bite to eat after your run.


  • you don't have to use MapRun - you can just fill in the answers on your cluesheet,
  • in the (unlikely ?) event of a missing "beep" at a control, MapRunners MUST record a written response on their clue sheet.
  • you get points if you get a beep or if you write the answer down. Simples. 
  • photos of typical control sites can be seen on the Typical NSL Controls webpage,
  • final details - including a copy of the Safety Notice, and the safety map will be emailed to all pre-entries after entries have closed - they will not be available at registration.


Nearest town: Hazel Grove / Heaviley

Contacts / Officials

Series Co-ordinator: Grahame Crawshaw

Enquiries to 

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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