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Spunch 7 - Danebridge

Last of a series of 7 Countryside Score events using Satellite (GPS) S-punching staged on weekends over the period Oct 22 to April 23.

Sun 02nd Apr 2023

Type of event: Local, Score
Info updated: 05th Apr


Event Report

Many thanks to all of you who came along to Spunch7 yesterday. I think you will agree it was a cracking day out and a fine way to end the "winter" series!

Especially lovely to see those of you who keep returning for more and the kids having so much fun!

It was Guy Lingford's first course setting experience and he did a brilliant job in selecting the area, the venue and setting the courses.  Thanks Guy!

Links to the results are below and will be reproduced on If your result hasnt featured yet it is most likely that you need to do a manual upload.

Woman of the match goes to resident Austrian Miriam (Mimi) Hoelzl who was victorious over her more local counterparts!

Man of the match is debutant Giles Tebbitts who put in a very creditable first performance on the 60min course.

Also special mention must go to yesterday's Head of VAR, Ian Watson, who after reviewing his own 60min run GPS track actually disqualified himself(!) for what can only be described as "a clear and obvious error"!!

Watch this space for details of forthcoming Spunch and other local events!

Thanks again, Andy

Planner's Comments

This was the final leg of the Winter 2022 Spunch series and gave me the opportunity to develop my own course in an area I have visited regularly and extend my knowledge of MapRun technology.

The initial groundwork of checking all the footpaths was completed over winter, which was, in the main dry, particularly February. While March was wetter, a run of drier days in the week before the event meant that the course was in good condition for the day itself. During the ‘fine tuning’ visits I was pleased to be able to introduce myself to some of the land owners and explain what would be happening on the day. I was also delighted to see the wildlife, particularly hares, at such close quarters. There were also some very friendly sheep, but I had to disappoint them as I wasn’t carrying any feed.

One variation for this event was to introduce a 2 hour option as well as the 1 hour and 1.5 hour options. 25 runners accepted the challenge and between them visited all the controls albeit that controls 18 and 19 down on Bearda Hill weren’t popular. Runners were probably aware of the steep section of hill and wisely chose to apply their energies elsewhere. 

Of the course itself there were, in my opinion some lovely sections of countryside particularly between Hilly Lees (control 20) and Roche Grange (control 28). Similarly the section between Neild’s Farm (control 39) and Horse Haylands (control 45) plus around Turner’s Pool (control 34) would feature in anyone’s ‘top ten’ if this were the Lake District.

The day itself went well, 108 people arrived. Car park marshals ensured their cars were parked tidily, runners went out, and all then returned, refreshments were gratefully consumed and parents enjoyed being outdoors while their children played in the spring sunshine. The technology behaved itself and to cap it all I spotted a Red Kite soaring above the course enjoying the thermals and probably the view too.

My thanks to the Swythamley and Heaton Centre’s management team for maintaining such a wonderful facility. My thanks too to the landowners for their understanding as 100 or so individuals ran or walked around the course. It was a super opportunity to showcase the area and the stars lined up nicely on the day to achieve this. I also know that while I played a part here there were many other cogs turning in the background, particularly those managed by Andy Thornton, to keep the ship pointing in the right direction. To everyone, whatever your role, thank you.

Guy Lingford

Pre Event Info

  • "Rolling start" countryside score using S-punching on the MapRun smartphone or Garmin app
  • 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute course options
  • c.40 checkpoints scattered over an area of around 6-9sq km through woodland and interesting mixed countryside, using paths, tracks and open access areas.  Plentiful route choice options.  Hilly but not mountainous!
  • One of a series of 7 Spunch events over the winter months.  More details of the series here
  • Can be done solo, in a pair or small group.  Under 16s must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • Results available on line immediately following the event (subject to data signal).

Please pre-enter using

Venue: Swythamley & Heaton Community Centre, Gun End, Macclesfield SK11 0SJ


Nearest town: Danebridge, Macclesfield

Registration & Start Times

Start anytime between 10:30 and 11:00am.  Pre-start registration open from 9.50am to 10.50am (please don't arrive at the last minute!)

Entry Details

Visit to reserve your map.

Payment on the day by cash (preferred) or card. 

Fees: Senior £4, Junior/student £2. Under 16s FREE (must be accompanied by an adult).

Very limited entry on day.  Map can not be guaranteed for EOD.

Contacts / Officials

Enquiries to: Andy Thornton 

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
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