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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

Twin Peak Sprint/Urban Weekend - Day 2 - Urban, Manchester City

A UKOL and UK Urban League Event

An Urban event in Southern and Central Manchester. Part of the UK Orienteering League and the UK Urban League.

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Sun 10th Jul 2016

Type of event: National, Urban
Type of terrain: Urban
Info updated: 14th Jul


Event Report

SIAC cards

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Planner's Comments

As is often the case with urban events, interesting challenges can evolve during the planning process. We were always aware that the Castlefield Arena was unlikely to be available but we had hoped that the SkyRide cycling route was going to head out to the North East of the City, as it had done in previous years. When we learnt of the confirmed route out along Deansgate, the canal network came to our rescue allowing us to access Castlefield by passing under Deangate and avoiding the need for some 200 of our competitors having to negotiate 11000 cyclists.  Whilst the need for a short compulsory route meant a small amount of dead running I felt it was worth doing to fully utilise the area. I am sure that, depending on your route choices, some of you saw the Skyride in full swing, whilst others may not have seen it at all!

On putting out controls early on Sunday morning we encountered a closed road which had been open two days before, with the potential to affect competitors' routes. My grateful thanks go to those members of MDOC who painstakingly hand marked your maps immediately prior to the start of the competition to ensure that all were aware of the issue. In addition, we found that the gates of All Saints Park were all locked on the morning of the race (and remained locked for the rest of the day) resulting in a very late need to move and marshal control 197. Once again, a number of club members rose to the challenge in providing the resources unexpectedly required.

My thanks also go the rest of our helpers, including our control hangers, collectors and marshals to ensure the event ran smoothly under the expert direction of Chris Kirkham. Margaret and Andrew Gregory were of immense help in ensuring all necessary permissions were obtained and together with Peter Gorvett's support and constructive comments it all made for an enjoyable planning experience. Thank you all for coming.

Paul Watson

Pre Event Info

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Nearest town: Manchester

Contacts / Officials

Organiser: Chris Kirkham
Planner: Paul Watson
Controller: Peter Gorvett (SYO)

All enquiries to

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

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