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Manchester & District
Orienteering Club

Information for Event Organisers and Planners

A list of documents and links to information which may be of use to MDOC Organisers and Planners - including MDOC  British Orienteering - Proof of Insurance 2024, Insurance FAQsMDOC Series events 2024 (Notes for planners and organisers - April 2024) and the MDOC Stores Inventory (February 2023).

If you need the latest map, please contact the MDOC Map Librarian Eddie Speak. Please do not use old maps for planning.

05th Apr 24


Please contact the MDOC Map Librarian, Eddie Speak, to obtain the latest map. Please do not use old maps for planning.

If you need to make any updates to a map, and you have sufficient OCAD skills to do it yourself, you can borrow a club laptop to do it. The spreadsheet below shows available dates. Please contact Eddie or Julie (email ) to book a slot.

Forms and guidance documents

Insurance documents

Event Safety & Welfare Workshop Handbook

This is an unofficial Handbook which sets out much of the content of the Event Safety & Welfare Workshop last run for MDOC by Ian Gilliver on 1 February 2016, and it has been uploaded in response to requests from some club members.

However, please note that the latest versions of the standard Risk Assessment Form and the Accident Report Form should always be downloaded from the BOF website.

Also, please note that the Handbook is not a substitute for attendance at a Safety & Welfare Workshop, which from 1 January 2017 will become a requirement for Organisers, Planners and Controllers of all orienteering events (i.e. Levels A, B, C and D).

Useful information on the British Orienteering website

Other useful information

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