MDOC Evening Event
Teggs Nose
Thursday 11th May 2000

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Organiser's Comments | Planner's Comments

Organiser's Comments - Julie Brook

Thanks to Cheshire County Council for use of the area and especially to the Warden, Ian Coppack, for letting us use the Information Centre - without this we would have found it very difficult to cope, given the extremely windy conditions on the night. The anemometer at the Information Centre recorded gusts of 100mph!

In view of the conditions, the route to the final controls on both the Yellow and Orange courses was deemed to be too dangerous for the younger juniors and so they were advised to miss these out although a few adults did complete the courses. However, I have not disqualified anyone who missed out these controls.

Many thanks to all the MDOC members who helped.

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Planner's Comments - Dave Mawdsley

I had been told, just before I started planning some four weeks before the event, that the map was "a bit out of date". After a preliminary look round the area it was clear that a few map corrections would not suffice. The good news was that the technology (the map was already on OCAD and MDOC have a shiny new colour laser printer) allowed us to produce a revised map. The bad news was that I'm no mapper and was away on holiday for two of the four weeks before the event! However, thanks to the efforts, at short notice, of a number of MDOC members, we managed to produce new maps, albeit still with a number of errors but much improved on the previous version.

Planning on Tegg's Nose is never easy - the shorter courses really have to be confined to the top area and the longer courses always have much more climb than is recommended in the guidelines. The results suggest that the courses were about right, perhaps the Green was a bit short.

Although the wind was not quite so strong during the day when I was putting controls out it certainly made the task more difficult and I was worried that some controls might have been blown away. A couple were but were replaced and didn't affect competitors too much. It was nearly as bad the following day when I collected them in (surprisingly there were no volunteers in the evening!). I didn't expect to recover them all but did eventually find every one.

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White 1.2Km, 55m, 12 controls

  Name Club Class Time  
1  James BreenSt RichardsM824:15
   + Renee Edem W8
2  Katie RewhamSt RichardsW927:55
   + Kadie McCreem W9
3  Annie PriceMDOCW1030:43
4  Anthony EdemSt RichardsM1131:33
5  Joe Croxford  35:18
   + Anna Ledgar
   + Rebecca Thornton
6  Peter WeatherbySt RichardsM938:29
7  Nicola TaylorSt RichardsW938:48
   + Amy Cawley W10
   + Melissa Todd W10
   + Chloe Clarke W9
8  Jamie WoodSt RichardsM841:31
   + Jack Bracken M8
   + Ryan Needham M8
Colour Standard

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Yellow 1.6km, 75m, 11 controls (only 1-9 visited unless stated otherwise)

  Name Club Class Time  
1  Anne Chapman  24:14(All 11)
2  Zoe SmithSt RichardsW1026:57
3  Elle Croxford  27:40
   + Adam Ledgar
4  Aine HealySt RichardsW1031:08
5  Jett LennonSt RichardsW1033:04
6  A MooreDEEM1434:00
7  Nichola + EmmaDEE 35:52
8  Andrew JacksonSt RichardsM937:27
Colour Standard
9  Michaela BreenSt RichardsW1040:24
10  Andrew CroitorSt RichardsM1141:07
11  Louise MuldoonSt RichardsW944:38
12  J DrummondDEEM1449:20
   + Lucy Grue W14
13  John MorrisSt RichardsM1157:31(1-10)
14  Rebecca LinnecorSt RichardsW1174:19(1-10)
   Daniel McGintySt RichardsM10 lost card
   Darren ConnorDEEM12 lost card

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Orange 2.2km, 85m, 10 controls (only 1-8 visited unless stated otherwise)

  Name Club Class Time  
1  J WalkerMDOC 25:59
2  Hunt  31:19
3  Patrick GradxSt RichardsM1138:03
4  Joanna WierzbickaSt PetersW1438:06
5  Tom McGaff  43:35(All 10)
6  Lauren MachinSt RichardsW1148:52
   + Emma Turner W11
Colour Standard
7  Holly LennonSt RichardsW1154:30
   + Jenny Jackson W11
8  Elaine LathamSELOCW4575:43(All 10)
   Shelley TaylorSt RichardsW1147:21(1-6)
   + Jammie Joyce W11
   Simon MawdsleyMDOC  Retired

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Light Green 2.2km, 210m, 12 controls

  Name Club Class Time  
1  Ian FarrellMDOCM2038:57
2  Alan WebsterMDOCM3539:57
3  Alan MullockDEEM5040:26
4  J DobbyMDOCW4540:47
5  M GriffithsMDOCM5057:27
6  Kirsten WilliamsDVOW4559:18
7  Mark JonesSt RichardsM1161:14
8  Kath RoseMDOCW7068:12
9  S MilnerSYOW5570:23
Colour Standard
10  H Wilding  76:20
   Andrew MooreDEEM14 Missing 8,9
   J Taylor +1DEEW40 Missing 8,9,11
   Jamie GillespieSELOCM12 Retired
   Steven GillespieSELOCM14 Retired
   Mark Gilmartin M35 Retired
   Geoff ChannonPOTOCM45 Retired
   Gary GrueDEEM16 Lost card

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Green 2.8km, 240m, 12 controls

  Name Club Class Time  
1  Chris O'DonnellLOCM2135:55
2  John EllertonMDOCM4539:37
=3  W MasonMDOCM2140:34
=3  Norman HallDEEM5040:34
5  Nick PriceMDOCM4042:02
6  E PyeDEEM3543:12
7  Ian WatsonMDOCM5046:00
8  A BulcockMDOCW1246:22
9  S Wildgoose M3546:54
10  N SlaughterSKPM2149:02
11  P ColvilleMDOCM4549:30
12  Helena Crutchley W3550:22
13  Statham M4050:32
14  M BrattDEEM4550:57
15  M TaylorDEEM4552:49
16  A Clarke-WilliamsMDOCM1654:51
   + R ColvilleMDOCM16
Colour Standard
17  M DuncanPOTOCM6556:33
18  Peter BulcockMDOC 56:51
19  P D HillsDEEM5558:43
20  D WardDEEM5059:38
21  Tony GreenhalghMDOCM3559:50
22  Lee GilbertMDOCM1660:11
23  Matthew LathamSELOCM1461:11
24  C TicehurstDEEM4065:59
25  J RobertsonDEEW2168:02
26  B MayDEEM5572:22
27  Sene M4089:51
   Karl BescobyMDOCM21 Missing 12
   Martin GreenMDOCM45 Retired
   Jenny ShawMDOCW50 Retired
   Alan ShawMDOCM50 Retired
   D Barrie M40 Retired

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Blue 5.0km, 450m, 25 controls

  Name Club Class Time  
1  M FowlerMDOCM3563:09
2  S HateleyDEEM3563:28
3  H LockMDOCM3565:55
4  Karen ParkerMDOCW3566:28
5  Paul ArmstrongDVOM4566:35
6  Richard BradfieldDEEM1867:48
7  Chris WattsDEEM1868:12
8  John BrittonMDOCM4575:27
9  I Pudge M2176:24
10  P RossMDOCM5077:44
11  T InstoneDEEM4578:13
12  Kev LathamSELOCM4078:16
13  T MartlandMDOCM3578:51
14  Tim PalmerDEEM3580:07
15  Chris RostronMDOCM5082:34
16  K SalesDEEM4084:43
17  Eddie SpeakMDOCM4585:37
18  Georgina InstoneDEEW4086:20
19  Peter PotterODRM4086:52
20  D RadspinnerDEEM3587:08
Colour Standard
21  Paul TauntonNGOCM5099:43
22  P TurnerSELOCM40102:43
   M Barr   Missing 22,23,25
   K WaltersSYOM21 1-13 only
   HorganODRM40 1-13 only
   A WilliamsDEEM50 1-13 only
   Steve GillespieSELOCM45 1-12 only
   J Barr W35 1-10 only
   Nick Jefferson M21 Retired
   Ruth Aldridge  W21 Retired
   Eric Jamieson M40 Retired
   R LastSYOM35 Lost card

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