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MDOC Saturday Informal Event
Wythenshawe Park
Saturday 3rd February 2001

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Organiser's Comments
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Organiser's Comments - Sue Birkinshaw

Thank you to Martha Taylor who was the event planner, and to Ian, Karl and Clare, Frank and Kath, and Gordon for running the event on the day.

It was a bit muddy, but not as bad as a few weeks ago. Unusually for Wythenshawe, we didn't lose any controls.

We were glad that the MDOC Junior Club could enjoy the courses as well as the other activities thay had during theday - and that some of the St Richards juniors were able to share the day.

These results are not quite accurate, as I know that some people started late and didn't have their start times changed, but I only have the information on the control cards to work from - when I can read it!


  Name Class Club Time    
  10.30 start  21.58 
  Jenny BrocklebankW8MDOC22.40 
  Mark BrocklebankM5MDOC22.45 
  Josh TurnbullM10SELOC27.55 
  Kieran Noonan
Ryan McGinty
Simon MacDonald
Jenna McCreery
Kieran Ahern
Amy McMahon
Emma O'Brien
 St Rich64.47 
  Anthony Jameson
Lewis Agnew
Ephrem Terefe-Amasa
Zachary Lennon
Daniel Coughlan
Daniel Cheetham
 St Rich77.31 
*** White Badge ***


  Name Class Club Time    
  Roger BryantM10MDOC12.56 
  Zoe SmithW10StRich14.03 
  Jett LennonW11St Rich14.56 
  Aine HealyW11St Rich15.22 
  Louise MuldoonW10St Rich16.38 
  Stephanie BryantW10MDOC16.43 
  Fraser OuldsM10MDOC16.49 
  Peter WM10St Rich18.29 
  Andrew JacksonM10St Rich18.40 
  Annie & Vicky PriceW12MDOC18.49 
  TrochymediroW10St Rich19.16 
  Katie RelihanW10St Rich19.35 
  Emma RyanW10St Rich19.56 
  James BrennanM10St Rich23.49 
  Ryan NeedhamM9St Rich24.03 
  Kadie McCreeryW10St Rich25.22 
*** Yellow Badge ***
  Lee NeedhamM10St Rich25.42 
  Ian BrocklebankM10MDOC27.56 
  Philip JackmanM10 28.17 
  Michaela BreenW11St Rich28.41 
  Nicola TaylorW10St Rich29.59 
  Laura HalliganW10St Rich30.08 
  Jack TurnbullM12SELOC34.34 
  Daniom AssefaM9St Rich36.43 
  Daniel McGintyM12St Rich39.18 
  Melissa ToddW12St Rich40.58 
  Kyah CampbellM9St Rich41.06 
  Amy CawleyW12St Rich43.45 
  James McCormick  43.48 
  Steven CusackM9St Rich43.54 
  Jammie WoodM9St Rich44.30 


  Name Class Club Time    
  Mark JonesM12St Rich24.05 
  Elizabeth BrittonW14MDOC26.03 
  Catherine BeresfordW10MDOC27.41 
  Lucy HarrisW12MDOC27.54 
  Holly LennonW12St Anne30.03 
  Jean DearnaleyW60MDOC35.36 
  Elaine LathamW45SELOC41.40 
*** Orange Badge ***
  Maureen CloseW40St James48.02 
  Shelley TaylorW13Barlow48.31 
  Sarah GreenW14MDOC48.53 
  Ruth BallW14MDOC50.20 
  Emma TurnerW12St Anne50.23 
  Rosie CarlisleW12MDOC55.06 

Light Green

  Name Class Club Time    
  B ChambersM50DEE31.49 
  S DrinkwaterM35PFO32.18 
  Barbara DrewW16MDOC34.43 
  R & S McEvoy  35.23 
  Alan WebsterM40MDOC35.48 
  E DrewW50MDOC36.14 
  K HopeM45MDOC36.55 
  Kate BryantW45MDOC37.38 
  Michelle GroomW21MDOC38.01 
  J DoyleM35St James38.03 
*** Light Green Badge ***
  Paul SkuseM21St James40.01 
  Karl BescobyM21MDOC40.48 
  L JacksonW21MDOC44.02 
  Helen PriceW40MDOC44.23 
  Kelly BibbyW16SHS49.39 
  M LathamM14SELOC65.12 

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