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MDOC Saturday Informal Event
Werneth Low
Saturday 10th February 2001

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Organiser's Comments
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Organiser's Comments - Kath and Frank Rose

Thank you all for coming on such a windy day, especially St Richards. We were all glad the rain kept away until right at the end. Andy Farris put out all the controls and was helped by Steve Coppock (Dee) in getting them in. Thanks to all who helped.
It is very important to write your name and details clearly otherwise they do not appear correctly in the results.
See you all again soon.

White (1.5k, 45m climb, 9 controls)

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Saul & Fraser  16.50 
2  Sam DrinkwaterM6PFO18.54 
3  Sam & Leo  20.00 
4  Laura Halligan
Ephrem Terefe
Lee Needham
Jamie Wood
5  Lewis Agnew
Ailish Octigan
Michaela Hargreaves
Zachory Lennon
Daniel Cheetham
Daniel Coughlan
6  Amy McMahon
Ryan McGinty
Kieron Noonan
Kieran Aherne
Jenna McReery
Steven Cussack
*** White Badge ***

Yellow (1.7k, 50m climb, 8 controls)

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Fraser OuldsM10MDOC19.00 
  Saul NewmanM10 19.00 
2  Sam & Leo  23.32 
*** Yellow Badge ***
3  Annie PriceW12MDOC30.34 
  Amy RidleyW12 30.34 
  Ephrem Terefe & Laura Halligan also completed the yellow course with supervision.

Orange (2.9k, 120m climb, 16 controls)

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Gary OuldsM45MDOC19.50 
*** Orange Badge ***
2  Kevin Mc PhillipsM17MDOC42.55 
3  K Taylor + 1W12Dee56.00 
4  Jean DearnaleyW60MDOC60.00+ 

Technical (Score, 25 controls)

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Nick PriceM40MDOC26.23 
2  S NicholsM50Epoc28.29 
3  M F TaylorM45Dee32.47 
4  S CoppockM40Dee33.40 
5  Karl BescobyM21MDOC34.05 
6  K.BescobyM21MEROC37.12 
7  Michelle GroomW21MDOC40.00 
8  Clare TophamW21MDOC41.09 
9  John DoyleM21MDOC43.03 
  K SengM40 24.00 Found 6 controls

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