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MDOC Street Score Event
Sunday 25th March 2001

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Organiser's Comments

Many thanks to those who turned up to this event. So now you know what a 'Green Box' and a 'Fire Hydrant' looks like.
Apologies to the lady whose name I did not capture and who appears not to have finished. I hope you arrived home safely.

Trevor Roberts

Pos   Name Club Gross Time
1  Dan ParkerMDOC49148
2  Karen ParkerMDOC44044
=3  Sally GilliverMDOC43043
=3  Neil CumpsteyMDOC43043
5  Tim Hargreaves-42042
6  Nick & Annie PriceMDOC40040  Tandem
7  Cath DrewMDOC41635
8  Tony GreenhalghMDOC35035
=9  Mike CumpsteyMDOC36234
=9  Liz DrewMDOC34034
11  John EllertonMDOC30030  Bike
12  Julie BrookMDOC29029
13  Joan CumpsteyMDOC34727
14  Ian GilliverMDOC29227
15  Helen & Vicky PriceMDOC28523  Tandem
16  Ian BirkinshawMDOC20020  Bike
17  Graham PhythianMDOC20218
18  Naomi & Rosie GrayburnMDOC707
19  A.N.Other Did not hand in contol sheet