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Informal Event
Sunday May 13th 2001

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White 1.5km + 20m climb

  Name Class Club Time    
   Amy WhiteW11StR13.40 
   Kyah CampbellM9StR15.04 
   C NashM5SROC16.51 
   Nicola TaylorW10StR18.15 
   M NashM8SROC18.27 
   Stephanie BryantW9MDOC18.35 
   Sophie RobertsW4SROC24.09 
   Kadie McCreeryW10StR27.01 
   Kieran AhernM8StR35.11 
   Daniel CheethamM8StR35.15 
   Ferre EdwardsM9StR57.49 
*** White Badge ***
   James BreenM9StR11.18 wrong 2
   Jenna McCreeryW8StR45.12 wrong 9
   Jamie WoodM9StR54.02 wrong 8
   Steven CusackM9StR60.20 wrong 8

Yellow 2.1km + 35m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Andrew JacksonM10StR17.42 
2  Peter WeatherleyM10StR21.42 
3  Sam DrinkwaterM6PFO24.33 
4  Roger BryantM9MDOC25.54 
5  Alison MurphyW14DEE26.12 
6  Louise MuldoonW10StR26.39 
7  Kadie McCreeryW10StR28.16 
8  Ruth beresfordW14MDOC28.19 
9  Amy CawleyW11StR28.38 
10  James HeatonM11 30.20 
*** Yellow Badge ***
11=  Robert PodeM11 33.40 
11=  Ian BrocklebankM11MDOC33.40 
13  Jenny BrocklebankW9MDOC35.04 
14  Nicola TaylorW10StR35.09 
15  Kyah CampbellM9StR35.22 
16  Ben MurphyM12DEE37.57 
17  Michaela BreenW11StR49.33 
18  Pippa Mallon MDOC50.27 
19  Rebecca Humphreys MDOC50.31 
20=  William HumphreysM8MDOC63.41 
20=  Harry MallonM9MDOC63.41 
   James BreenM9StR22.55 Missed No. 8
  Ben Heaton  51.40 Missed No. 8

Orange 3.1km + 55m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Richard Clarke Harriers38.56 
2  Mark ParryM12SROC43.15 
3  Carla hamsW16PFO44.31 
4  Peter WeatherleyM10StR45.26 
5  Andrew JacksonM10StR45.32 
6  Ruth BallM14MDOC46.16 
7  Hannah Hateley +1W1DEE48.56 
8  Trina harrisW45PFO51.22 
9  Katie Murphy +1W5MDOC53.24 
10  Duncan HarrisM14BRGS55.10 
11  Stuart + JohnM12MDOC57.10 
*** Orange Badge ***
12  George StevensM10AIRE59.19 
13  Shelley TaylorW14Barlow61.40 
14  J DearnaleyW60MDOC67.05 
15  Aine HealeyW11StR68.06 
16  J MyersW12SELOC70.16 
   Stefan HarrisM13BRGS44.19 missed No 5
   Catherine BeresfordW10MDOC78.24 missed No 5
   Zoe SmithW11StR  Retired
   Emma TurnerW14St Ann  Retired
   Jett LennonW11StR  Retired

Light Green 3.4km + 75m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Victoria StevensW12AIRE38.58 
2  Lizzie BrittonW14MDOC43.48 
3  Christine MurphyW40DEE44.03 
4  Pip HumphreysW40MDOC46.30 
5  B VerityW50DEE47.08 
6  Fiona MyersW35SELOC47.58 
7  Mark JonesM14StR51.23 
8  Neil StevensM50AIRE52.37 
9  Sarah GreenW14MDOC53.56 
10  Laura PackmanW18MDOC56.29 
11  Jamie GillespieM14SELOC59.21 
12  Ani HarrisW55MDOC60.43 
*** Lt Green Badge ***
13  Lucy HarrisW14MDOC60.59 
14  V HarrisM45PFO61.53 
15  Holly LennonW14StAnne67.09 
16  Michelle HugginsW18STC72.22 
17  Janine PatesW19STC74.23 
18  Sarah TaitW18STC76.20 
19  S GillespieM14SELOC80.02 
20  ShaunM17STC101.55 
21  Michael DeanM18STC103.58 
22  K GillespieW60SELOC116.59 
23   E LathamW45SELOC119.04 
   Tom Heaton BRGS  Retired

Technical 1 4.5km + 90m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Ben StevensM14AIRE39.38 
2  Mike OrmerodM55SROC44.44 
3  Alison EtherdenW18MDOC45.17 
4  Michelle GroomW21MDOC46.22 
5  Tim MurphyM45DEE46.36 
6  Rebecca RobertsW14SROC47.57 
7  Janet TaylorW50MDOC48.04 
8  Ian GilliverM50MDOC48.34 
9  Jean PayneW45DEE48.50 
10  Robert NashM55SROC49.32 
11  Geoff MillanM55MDOC50.43 
12  Alan GoodallM55MEROC51.04 
13  Jenny ShawW50MDOC51.15 
14  Martin GreenM45MDOC51.34 
15  Jane MockfordW40DEE52.59 
16  G TaylorM60MDOC53.46 
17  Liam PackhamM16MDOC55.01 
18  Sue StevensW45AIRE55.32 
19  Sue BirkinshawW60MDOC56.32 
20  Steve GillespieM45SELOC57.01 
21  Barbara DrewW16MDOC57.19 
22  Mary WheelerW50SROC60.37 
23  Frank RoseM70MDOC60.47 
24  Roy HayesM75MDOC64.03 
25  Liz SmithW55DVO66.28 
26  L JananM21 70.32 
27  H PyeW21DEE71.41 
28  Marie WilliamsW21MDOC72.37 
29  Kath RoseW70MDOC73.37 
30  Jim NightingaleM75MDOC83.02 
31  Charles BreyM21 87.55 

Technical 2 6.6km + 140m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Cliff EtherdenM50MDOC54.04 
2  M RoomeM45SROC58.24 
3  Tony DaviesM50MDOC59.25 
4  Chris RobertsM45SROC65.19 
5  Ted SmithM60DVO66.51 
6  Ian BirkinshawM65MDOC67.17 
7  Nick MaxwellM45MDOC70.28 
8  John EllertonM45MDOC70.42 
9  M McIvor  72.53 
10  Elizabeth DrewW50MDOC73.50 
11  Trevor RobertsM50MDOC76.37 
12  R VerityM55DEE76.55 
n/c  Chris KirkhamM50MDOC78.47 
13  Roy StevensonM55SELOC79.42 
14  Richard HaingeM21MDOC81.45 
15  Sue RoomeW45SROC84.24 
16  Kath SpeakW40MDOC85.49 
17  A.EfthymiouM21 86.15 
18  John BainbridgeM21MDOC90.14 
19  Andrew GregoryM65MDOC90.26 
20  Alan HeronM65SELOC91.25 
21  Peter BeightonM65SROC93.35 
22  Julie BrookW50MDOC101.53 
23  Alison DoyleW50MDOC113.42 
   P RoomeM16SROC  Retired
   Jane AnthonyW45SROC75.52 missed No.4
   Kate BryantW45MDOC80.19 missed No. 13

Technical 3 8.9km + 205m

  Name Class Club Time    
1  Jon HateleyM35DEE63.15 
2  Dan RileyM21MDOC64.46 
3  Malcolm FowlerM35MDOC65.49 
4  Jordan LarneM16MEROC74.05 
5  John BrittonM50MDOC77.09 
6  John WardM55OD79.31 
7  C DrewM50MDOC80.45 
8  Mike CumpsteyM55MDOC80.54 
9  D CurrieM50MEROC81.39 
10  Brett DrinkwaterM35LOC83.38 
11  I JacksonM21DEE86.01 
12  D RoseM50PFO88.50 
13  S RasheedM20MDOC89.33 
14  K NashW40SROC90.00 
15  K LathamM45SELOC90.32 
16  Shane DrinkwaterM35PFO94.26 
17  Paul TurnerM40SELOC97.36 
18  Eric PyeM40DEE100.53 
19  Joan CumpsteyW50MDOC104.56 
20  Darren BryanM16MEROC107.21 

Organiser's Comments

We put on this informal event at very short notice, and didn't know whether 50 or 500 people would come - makes organising rather tricky!
I believe that the message that there would be no drinks at the Finish didn't reach everybody, and there were a few thirsty/cross finishers. Heaton Park sell the catering rights and don't like us spoiling the trade - so we didn't. If anyone feels very irate, could they ring me and discuss it (it was my decision) rather than writing rude letters about MDOC to CompassSport.
Everything else seemed to go alright (thank you to all the helpers) and wasn't the weather glorious. We were amazed that with so many visitors in the park, we lost only 1 punch.

Sue Birkinshaw 0161 980 5068

Planner's Comments

Hope the courses weren't too bad given the short time I had to plan them. Apologies in particular for the odd problems with the control descriptions, I rushed through them a couple of days before the event and one or two errors crept in. However, I think the controls were all in the right place and had the right codes on them which is the most important thing. Apologies to you who had problems with 2V (the veg boundary south of the lake). I still think it was in the right place although the gaps in the fence, marked on the map as crossing points, aren't - which probably led to the problems. I assumed that you would simply come in off the fence corner opposite and turn right. If you did it was right there! My thanks go to Chris Kirkham for his help in putting out the controls and to Mike, Joan and Shafiq for helping to collect them in.

Ian Watson

Twin Peak 2001

September 8th and 9th at Macclesfield Forest

We are feeling optimistic that the event will be able to go ahead - we already have access to the footpaths in the forest.
Details and entry forms will be distributed when there are suitable events. (Scottish 6 Day?).
Try for up-to-date information.

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