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MDOC Street Score Event
New Mills
Sunday 20th May 2001

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Organiser's Comments

Thanks to everyone for coming. Apologies to those who had trouble with some of the hydrants - the numbers on some of the old stone hydrant posts have been replaced with yellow signs attached to lampposts, but some of you didn't notice these.

Also apologies regarding no. 36 - I went back to check and found that there was a short street which I had failed to draw on the map. A couple of you mistook this for the bridleway which was a few yards further up the road. Those coming down the road, or approaching from the lower end of the bridleway found the lamppost I'd intended with no trouble.

For interest - of the 50 controls, each was visited by at least one person, Tim visited the most (31), and the most popular were 2, 29 and 45 which were each visited by 12 runners.

Julie Brook

Pos   Name Class Club Points Time
1  Tim HargreavesM40Ind70 70 
2  John EllertonM45MDOC67 67 Bike
3  John BrittonM50MDOC62 62 
=4  Christopher DrewM50MDOC60 60 
=4  Mike HarrisM50MDOC60 60 
6  Chris RostronM50MDOC51 51 
=7  Kath SpeakW40MDOC49-148 
=7  Trevor RobertsM50MDOC48 48 
9  Ted SmithM60DVO47 47 
10  Ian GilliverM50MDOC42 42 
11  Elizabeth DrewW50MDOC41-140 
12  Barbara DrewW16MDOC40-238 
13  Naomi & MarieW12/W40MDOC31 31 
14  Lucy HarrisW14MDOC29 29 
15  Aly & TrishW50MDOC22 22 
16  Emma Wild + 1W12Ind23-221 
17  Liz SmithW55DVO18 18 
18  Catherine BarberW10Ind14 14