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Lyme Park
Evening Event
Thursday July 12th 2001

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Organiser's Comments
White | Yellow | Light Green | Green | Blue
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White Course

  Name Club Class Time    
1  S DrinkwaterPFOM79.17
--White Standard--

Yellow Course

  Name Club Class Time    
1  S DrinkwaterPFOM728.36

Light Green Course

  Name Club Class Time    
1  B VerityDEEW5061.22
2  F HeronSELOCW6062.20
3  J GillespieSELOCM1269.31
4  M GriffithsMDOCM5070.50
5  R HayesMDOCM7574.19
6  S GillespieSELOCM1476.02
7  J HughesDEEM1688.55
8  S PlattsDEEM1490.25
--LG Standard--
   R Havenhand    Ret.

Green Course 4.7k 190m

  Name Club Class Time    
1  R Bradfield  41.42
2  T HarperDEEM6046.03
3  I BirkinshawMDOCM6547.23
4  J PadgetDEEM5548.28
5  S DrinkwaterPFOM3553.12
=6  J PadgetSYOW2153.24
=6  R HughesDEE M4553.24
8  S RoundSELOCM5055.27
9  D TinkerMDOCM1655.40
10  M TinkerMDOCM1655.58
11  A HeronSELOCM6560.19
12  S Lang M2160.33
13  J EvansDEEM6061.58
14  J BainbridgeMDOCM2162.19
--Green Standard--
15  D EdwardsMDOCM5062.43
16  M DuncanPOTOCM6563.24
17  A WilsonSELOCM6068.19
18  B BarnesDEEM5570.20
19  P EdwardsDEEM6570.26
20  A DoyleMDOCW5076.57
   A PlattsDEEM45  no c3

Blue Course 7.3k 260m

  Name Club Class Time    
1  D ParkerMDOCM3553.05
2  S PadgetDEEM2155.59
3  K ParkerMDOCW3559.06
=4  M SmithSROM4059.42
=4  M GreenwoodMDOCM3559.42
6  J BrittonMDOCM5064.52
7  T Davies MDOCM5071.10
8  M TaylorMDOCW2073.46
9  P ColvilleMDOCM4574.21
10  C RostronMDOCM5075.16
11  W MasonMDOCM3579.15
--Blue Standard--
12  I JacksonDEEM2181.32
13  D PerrySYOW4081.59
14  R VerityDEEM5582.17
15  I WatsonMDOCM5083.09
16  T GreenhalghMDOCM3588.23
17  S GillespieSELOCM4597.15
   M16 (x 2)MDOC   ret.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to the National Trust for permission to use the park, to Eddie for planning and especially to the team of helpers and soggy control collectors. Thank you for coming. Two controls on the blue course (boulder and re-entrant) caused some debate. As a result, no one has been disqualified for not punching either one, and apologies to anyone who lost more than their usual quota of time.

Tony Wagg

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