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Watergrove Night Event
Saturday January 26th 2002

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Short course

Posn Name Class Club Time   Comments
1John CookM40SELOC38.58
2L DoveM40IND68.30
3Roberts familyW12/14/40MDOC78.45
 B+Rosie CrowtherM21+ 1Tod Harriers  Retd
 James WoodsM14BRES  Missed 4 and 5

Medium course

Posn Name Class Club Time   Comments
1Chris RobertsM45SROC40.40
2S RichardsM45SELOC50.42
3Janet TaylorW50MDOC72.43
4Julie BrookW55MDOC103.13

Long course

Posn Name Class Club Time   Comments
1Nick TaylorM21MDOC45.28
2James LogueM21NWOC48.40
3Andrew EtherdenM21MDOC52.58
4D DownesM45WCOC57.47
5I BellM35DEE57.56
6K LathamM40SELOC65.00
7G Robertson M45LOC71.20
8Chris RostronM55MDOC80.31
9R WalkerM35SELOC82.21
10R CrookM45 87.48
11Tom GrayM45PFO98.15
12Tony HulmeM50IND111.25
13John BrittonM50MDOC  Missed 7
14Barnes    Retired
15Eccles IND  Retired
16Alison Richards/Mark Harris    Retired

Planner/organiser's comments

Mild weather, a dry if windy slot between the rain of the weekend ; didn't we do well. Judging from the comments at the finish you enjoyed the courses. Well done to those doing night events for the first time. Next Saturday SELOC have a night event at Charters Moss if you want to try it again.

Thanks to The MDOC team for all their help on the night.

Tim Maitland + Nicholas Maxwell

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