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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Daisy Nook Country Park
Informal Event
Saturday February 2nd 2002

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White 1.1 km

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
 Kiera DoyleW5SJOC31.16
 McKendry Family  36.10
 Ilya Smirnov +M10StR
 Jack Weaver +M9StR
 Ciehlan Doherty +M8StR
 Jason Wood +M8StR75.00
 Joseph Maconley +M9StR
 Rhys Flowers +M10StR
 John HalliganM8StR
 Remelle Waul +M9StR
 Pearse Weatherby +M7StR
 Naomi Roberts +W8StR80.00
 Oliver Roper-Browning +M8StR
 Hannah Relihan +W8StR
 Rachel Ward +W9StR 
 Shona Lawlor +W8StR
 Martin ReganM8StR
*** White Badge ***


Yellow 1.9 km

Posn Name Class Club Time   Comments
1Zac LennonM9StR18.08
2Jenna MccreeryW9StR21.48
3Ryan McGintyM9StR23.24
4Steven CusackM10StR25.49
*** Yellow Badge ***
5Michaela BreenW12StR29.34
6Daniel CheethamM9StR31.05
7Vicky Price
 & Sally Anne MitchelW10MDOC43.06
 Emma O'BrienW9StR29.59 No punch mark for 6


Orange 3.1 km

Posn Name Class Club Time   Comments
1Fiona MyersW35SELOC32.01
2S Duncan  40.15
3Jenny MyersW14SELOC43.11
4Jett LennonW12StR46.55
5Peter WeatherleyM12StR49 ?
6Ephrem TereseM10StR50.44
7Luke Roper-BrowningM11StR52.12
8Declan Doyle + DadM5SJOC64.46
*** Orange Badge ***
 Andrew JacksonM11StR50 ? Found 13
 Katie RelihanW12StR45.38 Found 12
 Laura Halligan W12StR48.03 Found 12
 Kadie McCreeryW12StR44.24 Found 9
 Louise MuldoonW12StR  No card
 Nicola TaylorW12StR  No card
 James BreenM10StR  Not orange
 Lee NeedhamM12StR  Not orange

"Technical" Visit all 26 controls - about 5km.
3 min penalty for each control not visited

Posn Name Class Club Time  
1Andrew SmithM21MDOC37.37
2Tim HargreavesM40MDOC40.33
3Nick PriceM40MDOC48.52
4Wendy OlsenW40SELOC61.15
5Holly LennonW15StR63.43 + 9= 72.46
6Maggie LernerW50 74.51 + 18= 92.51

Organiser's comments

We tried a new idea and it didn't work very well. The idea was that we would give you a map with all the controls for all the courses marked on it. For each course we would just give a list of which controls to visit. and you wouldn't have to copy your course from a Master Map. We drew one map for each course so that you could see what it looked like.

Unfortunately we also had some old maps with no controls on and some of these "escaped". I'm very sorry for the Juniors (and their adult helpers) who had to cope with the muddle that this created.

I would like to hear whether this way of doing things should be used regularly. In some ways it seems easier but in other ways it is harder to understand. (It is, in fact, the way that Permanent Courses are organised).

Another apology - to the last few finishers. It was raining so hard and you were all so muddy that we didn't time you properly. Your time has ? against it.

If you want to know about getting Badges ring 01457 866767

Sue Birkinshaw 0151 980 5068

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