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Manor Park
Informal Event
Saturday March 2nd 2002

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White 0.9 km 7 controls

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1Jonathan + SamSJOC 9:16  
2James + Gerry DomineySJOCM910:34
3Fraser Greenwell  11:00
4Jack  11:39
5Liam  11:50
6Dale P. + 1 M1311:55
7VanessaDofN 12:11
8Gemma LumbDofN 12:12
9ChrisDofN 12:13
10Amy OsbaldestonDofN 13:40
11J. TewsonDofN 13:59
12Miriam SykesDofN 14:42
13SiobhanDofN 14:45
14Elliot SharplesDofN 14:59
15MelissaDofN 15:59
16Leigh, Lois + A. Green  16:39
17Tom BrowneDofN 17:37
18Benjamin Morris  18:37
19Stephen Gaskell  19:37
20G + T HayesMDOC 20:09
21KirstinDofN 21:43
22Lucy FittonDofN 22:59
23Declan DoyleSJOCM524:33
24DeaneTintwistle 31:37
25Rose PreeceTintwistle 31:39
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------

Yellow 1.2 km 8 controls

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1 Dexter Tarr + Frank Greenwell M1111:00 
2Mick Owen  12:08
3Elliot SharplesDofN 12:11
4Ian BrocklebankMDOCM1112:14
5Joshua + FredSJOC 12:45
6Jack HowardSJOC 13:28
7Aaron DriverSJOCM913:52
8Jack HallamSJOCM913:58
9Tom BrownDofN 15:01
10James + Gerry DominesSJOCM915:24
11Liam EyreSJOCM1015:41
12AyeishaSJOC 16:15
14Sam LongsonSJOC 16:21
15Vicky PriceMDOCW1016:24
16Mary + Jenny BrocklebankMDOCW6/916:59
17Gemma L.DofN 17:03
18Chris Swindells  17:05
19GemmaDofN 17:07
20VanessaDofN 17:08
21(10:04 start) - illegible name  17:15
22JonathanSJOC 17:20
23Benjamin Morris  18:02
24Jack + PatrickSJOC 18:06
25Victoria Murphy  18:08
26Ste GaskellDofN 18:14
27Callum BloodworthIndM1118:28
28Jayne Murphy  19:09
29Lois, Leigh + A. Green  19:22
30SiobhanDofN 20:18
31Annie PriceMDOC W1420:36
32J. TewsonDofN 21:00
33Helen + Becky Murphy  21:06
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
34Cassandra  22:15
35Stephanie BryantMDOCW1025:46
36Kirstin  26:16
37LucyDofN 26:17
38MelissaDofN 26:19
39Barney BroachERYRIM628:00
40Jessica BloodworthIndW831:08
41Mellstrom  42:58
42Hickendon + 1  43:46

Orange 1.6 km 10 controls

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1Alan Goodall  24:25
2S DuncanInd 27:35
3Fred Tarr M1127:41
4FraserSJOC 27:52
5Dexter Tarr  28:04
6Vanessa JacksonMDOCW4528:12
7JoshuaSJOC 28:49
8Kate Clements  29:22
9Tom  30:12
10Rebecca Sammat W2130:13
11J CurrieSJOC 33:33
12Matt Clements  33:47
13Patrick  33:50
14Sarah BloodworthIndW3536:02
16Catherine BerresfordMDOCW1237:32
18Roger BryantMDOCM1044:42
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
19Pui Ngan W2054:21
DisqJack Hall + AaronSJOCM1028:10 missing 8, 9 + 10


20 minutes. 14 controls @ 10 points/control - 20 penalty points for each part minute late.

Pos Name Club Class Time Points Less Total  
1Andrew SmithMDOCM2114:211400140
2A BeverleyMDOCM2115:461400140
3Tom PriestleyMDOCM1215:501400140
4John Sammat M2016:431400140
5R HaingeMDOCM2117:001400140
6N PriceMDOCM4017:141400140
7M HewittMDOCM2118:061400140
8P BrocklebankMDOCM4018:291400140
9Kath BroachERYRIW3518:531400140
10Ted SmithMDOCM6019:431400140
11Helen PriceMDOCW4015:041300130
12Dave BroachERYRIM4019:501200120
13E WatsonMDOCW2121:4714040100
14D NevillMDOCM2021:401304090
15Marie WilliamsMDOCW2123:191408060
16Liam Eyre  8:5850050

Organiser's comments

I hope that you all enjoyed your run despite the snow! The results are as complete as they can be considering that most cards and stubs had incomplete or illegible details. Many thanks to the MDOC helpers; especially Mike on the start, Liz on the finish, Shaun on the results and Marie-Christine on registration.

Lost Property
One compass found in the car park - contact the organiser.

North-West Orienteering Association (NWOA) Colour Award Scheme

NWOA Colour Award cloth badges are available for MDOC members (and pupils in the GMOA area which includes Glossop) who qualify under the scheme.
To qualify for an NWOA Colour Award, you must either finish among the top 50% of the competitors starting a course, or finish within the winners time plus 50%, three times within a period of three years.
White badges are available for those who complete three white courses. Pairs are allowed to claim white and yellow badges.
NWOA cloth badges cost 50p + SAE. Copies of the results are not required - please contact the organiser for a claim form.

Alan Poxon, 34 Conduit Street, Tintwistle, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 1LR.
Telephone: 01457 866767 evenings, 01457 862336 daytime

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