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Teggs Nose
Evening Event
Thursday May 9th 2002

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WHITE COURSE 1.2km 20m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1=Naomi GW12MDOC10.40
1=Helen SW12Ind10.40
3.Rhys+Jason St Rich11.03
4.John+Ciehlan ""12.29
13.Harry MallanM9 17.14
14.Pip MallonW6 18.40
----------------------------- White Standard ----------------------------
 Hannah HornbyW10   retired

YELLOW COURSE 1.7 km 70m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.A Price  19.48
2=Helen SaundersW12Ind22.21
2=Naomi GrayburnW12MDOC22.21
4.Elaonor OwensW10DEE23.11
5.C BurnsM13DEE23.24
6.Laura HalliganW11St Rich23.35
7.Will HumphreysM9MDOC23.54
8.Kadie McCreeryW11St Rich24.01
9.K Mason+A Spinks  24.15
10.A StephensM12DEE24.43
11.Nicola TaylorW11St Rich25.09
12.James BrebyM10""26.01
13.Daniel CheethamM9""26.16
14.P Hallworth+A Matheson Guides27.01
15.J Stutchbury+L Broadhurst  27.40
16.L Coussmaker+E Taylor Guides28.35
17.Christopher OwensM8DEE28.58
18.F Penny+ ? Guides29.37
----------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
19.S Neale+J Bowering ""30.43
20.Rebbecca HumphreysW7MDOC31.15
 Michaela BreenW14   wrong no. 8

LONG YELLOW 4.3 km 165m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.R HornbyM40DEE38.30
2.W Stead Ind44.59
3.T FellbaumM10MDOC49.47
4.L MuldoonW12St Rich58.33
5.K RelihanW12""60.32
----------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
6.C Wrench  65.50
7.S WoodM40St Rich66.18
8.R Mackay Miller  66.49
9.Mitson  75.02
10.E RyanW12St Rich81.49

ORANGE COURSE 2.8 km 110m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.S Duncan  37.06
2.M OwensW40DEE39.48
3.K NormanW20MDOC41.39
4.J NicholsonM12DEE46.01
5.E DohertyW21 50.36
6.R SalisburyM14DEE52.43
----------------------------- Orange Standard ----------------------------
7.G PurcellW50 60.46

LIGHT GREEN COURSE 3.0 km 130m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.R Clarke-Williams+A Lane? DEE38.14
2.G GrueM18DEE41.51
3.C HughesW14DEE48.35
4.M RobertsW40MDOC50.52
5.R GrayburnW16MDOC51.51
6.L JacksonW35MDOC54.47
----------------------------- Light Green Standard ----------------------------
7.P Nicholson  65.29
8.M ButcherM50 70.50
 J Simpson    c5 missing

GREEN COURSE 3.8 km 200m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.D TinkerM16MDOC40.58
2.T InstoneM45DEE41.37
3.I Watson IIIM21MDOC44.48
4.J HughesM16DEE47.32
5.N TinkerM16MDOC49.50
6.A BeverleyM21MDOC50.15
7.S CrockerM40DEE51.07
8.N PriceM40MDOC51.34
9.N HallM50DEE52.30
10.P OwensM40DEE53.41
11.A MullockM55DEE53.46
12.G SuttonM45DEE53.54
13.B ChambersM50DEE54.06
14=R HughesM45DEE54.42
14=G InstoneW45DEE54.42
16.T MallonM40MDOC55.36
17.D BrownM55DEE55.49
18.S GilliverW40MDOC56.07
19.A BlackM21DEE57.38
20.J PigottM55POTOC60.22
----------------------------- Green Standard ----------------------------
21.M Hewitt OTC62.21
22.B MayM60DEE62.28
23.J MallonW40MDOC63.37
24.M DuncanM65POTOC64.51
25.M PurcellM55DEE74.01
26.J ToothillW21DEE75.02
27.L HewittM50Ind76.46
 T McGee    retired
 I Watson    retired

BLUE COURSE 5.2 km 330m climb

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.D ParkerM40MDOC56.01
2.K ParkerW35MDOC58.48
3=S InglebyM45DEE63.59
3=P JarvisM35MDOC63.59
5.H LockM35MDOC66.52
6.I PudgeM21U/A70.20
7.D RodspinnerM35DEE70.51
8.A SmithM21MDOC76.42
9.R HillM35DEE78.15
10.M WoodsM45DEE78.41
11.S LangM21 79.08
12.C RostronM55MDOC80.29
13.R SparkmanM55DEE83.45
----------------------------- Blue Standard ----------------------------
14.S CampbellW35DEE87.03
15.P PotterM45DEE87.46
16.N MurphyM40DEE87.46
17.L ScottM35SYO89.17
18.S GillespieM50SELOC105.28
 J Britton    C10 missing
 A Campbell    retired
 P Sleigh    retired
 N Campbell    retired


Organiser's comments

I would like to thank Cheshire CC for permission for the event, and Ian Coppack, the local Ranger, for his assistance. Thanks especially to a small hardy team of helpers.

Please note similar events at Lyme Park on June 13th (Pete Lomas.0161 483 4332) and Alderley Edge on July 11th(01625 585 056).

Also note introductory events at Lyme Park on May 16, 23 and 30 from 4.30pm and 8 June 10.30am. Details from Pete Lomas as above.

Lost Property
1 compass. Tel 0161 445 0902 and leave message. I'm elusive!

Thanks for coming
Tony Wagg

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