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Colour Coded Event
Sunday July 7th 2002

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Organiser's comments

At 7.45am on Sunday, thanks to my carelessness there nearly wasn't an event, as I was locked out of my car, with the dog and all the kit inside! Luckily the AA came to the rescue, but the delay meant I was a little late finishing the signposting to the start and putting up the finish banner. Apologies. Apart from that, thanks to the usual efficient MDOC teams, the event went smoothly. The unexpectedly warm day meant the squash ran out, apologies to any late finishers who missed out.
Dove Stone is a special place for me and it was a pleasure to organise here again. I hope you all enjoyed your courses.

Alison Doyle 0161 366 5175


Planner's comments

Planning a colour coded event is one thing but incorporating electronic punching was quite something else. A very sharp learning curve was accompanied by similar stress levels. My sigh of relief, when everything including the weather went so well on the day, was clearly audible in Manchester!!
Five vandalised controls were easily remedied as the vandals had fortunately only relocated them albeit over walls and almost into the reservoir. The one failed e-station was quickly replaced with minimal disruption.
Many thanks to the controller, Juliet, for all her efforts and for even helping to bag the mastermaps. Incidentally the use of prestart map copying was acclaimed by one and all.
Electronic punching makes extra work for the planner and his team but is certainly worth the extra effort both for the competitors and in the smoothness of the start and finish procedures. On this score a heartfelt thanks to Liz, Alan and Jenny for all their help in putting out and collecting controls and e-boxes.
Also, a big thanks to Julie and Alison for their support both before and on the day.
Finally your favourable comments about the courses all went to make my efforts most worthwhile.

Ted Smith


Controller's comments

Standing at the finish for over 2 hours I was able to look across the reservoir and watch many you on the first part of your courses. It was good to speak to you at the end and to hear that you had enjoyed yourselves. Thank you for your complimentary comments about the courses.
Your planner was efficient and made my job easy. I made only suggestions on the shape of 2 courses which Ted took on board.
The main decision was to omit a White course and I hope this did not upset anyone too much. With the start and finish at opposite sides of the dam it was not possible to plan a White of acceptable length - the Yellow was almost white standard anyway.
You all seemed to appreciate marking up your maps at leisure before the start.
I hope those of you new to orienteering have gone away with good impressions and enthusiasm to attend more events. That makes it all worthwhile, for us.

Thank you to Alison for organising and Ted for planning and, of course to all of you, the competitors, for coming.

Juliet Morgan
East Pennine Orienteering Club.

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