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Alderley Edge
Evening Event
Thursday July 11th 2002

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  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.Ian RadspinnerDEEM519.24
2.Richard ParkerIndM419.29
3.K NilsenMEROCW738.48
----------------------------- White Standard ----------------------------

Yellow 2.1km (45m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.Roger BryantMDOCM1025.30
2.Stephanie BryantMDOCW1035.41
3.Eleanor OwensDEEW936.27
4.N NilsenMEROCM1043.13
5.C MurrayIndM943.48
6.Helen + Dominic Pye, Alice DrinkwaterDEE 56.22
7.Alistair Thornton, Harry Palmer, M FellbaumMDOC 56.52
----------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
8.Pippa MallonMDOCW958.39
9.Christopher OwensDEEM857.20
10.Anna LedgarMDOCW871.49
11.Rebecca ThorntonMDOCW871.50
12.Alice FellbankMDOCW871.51
13.Rebecca WatertonMDOC 76.50
14.Thomas WatertonMDOC 79.05

Orange 2.8km (130m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.Hannah Hateley + DadDEEW242.42
2.Rosie + Naomi GrayburnMDOCW12/1457.25
3.C WrenchInd 58.27
4.D MurrayIndM1271.37
5.Jill CowardInd 80.06
----------------------------- Orange Standard ----------------------------
6.P DavisonIndW1282.23
7.T Palmer, H Palmer, J FosterMDOC 82.30
 Adam LedgarMDOC   Wng 1/5 (44.40)
 Thomas FellbaumMDOCM10  Missing 13 (63.51)

Light Green 3.0km (65m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.Marie RobertsMDOCW4044.09
2.S Drinkwater + DadPFO 53.24
3.Mike O'DonnellDEEM6553.24
4.M ClaxtonMEROCM2156.26
5.Sarah GreenMDOCW1666.11
6.Martyn GriffithsMDOCM5569.48
7.Roy HayesMDOCM3571.29
8.Frank RoseMDOCM7072.38
----------------------------- Light Green Standard ----------------------------
9.Kath RoseMDOCW7078.59
10.B WilsonInd 90.31
11.R CrookInd 92.31
12.M MedleyInd 93.27
13.N LaidlawIndM4094.31
 S LoganMEROCM35  Missing 13 (84.45)
 Liz SmithMDOCW55  Ret
 Jim NightingaleMDOCM75  Ret

Green 4.1km (125m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.S CoppockDEEM4054.44
2.A SmithMDOCM2162.32
3.M CochraneMEROCM4566.49
4.Andy BlackDEEM2168.59
5.Terry HarperDEEM6069.28
6.Mike RoundDEEM5069.35
7.John PigottPOTOCM5574.26
8.J HudsonIndM2175.26
9.M HateleyDEEW3576.33
10.A HeronSELOCM6576.47
11.J PayneDEEW4577.53
12.B ChambersDEEM5078.42
13.Ian GilmartinDEEM4583.16
14.Bob RoachDEEM5584.57
15.William SteadDEEM4086.57
16.Sue BirkinshawMDOCW6584.01
17.Julie BrookMDOCW5587.51
----------------------------- Green Standard ----------------------------
18.Dave WalkerMDOCM6090.13
19.D MurphyDEEM5591.27
20.P EdwardsDEEM6593.01
21.J SherwoodDEEM5593.01
22.B MayDEEM6094.28
23.Tim ParkinsonTHALESM2199.15
24.Jill CochraneMEROCW45107.18
25.Mike ButcherTHALESM50108.06
26.Karl BescodyMDOCM21112.26
 E HughesDEEW14  DNF (66.59)
 Jenny MallonMDOCW40  DNF (69.07)
 Kate BryantMDOCW45  Missing 14 (72.34)
 M MurphyDEEW55  DNF (76.19)
 V PitcherDEEW50  Missing 8 (114.31)
 J WatertonMDOCW45  Ret (83)
 Martin GreenMDOC   Ret (149)

Red 5.8km (170m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.H FellbaumMDOCW3591.12
2.B HoadInd 93.50
3.D MitsonInd 95.32
4.Clive TimmisInd 98.36
------------------------------ Red Standard ------------------------------
 B MurrayInd   DNF (67.54)
 Andrew HolmesIndM33  Missing 7 (78.06)
 A WoodrowInd   DNF (80.36)

Blue 6.0km (155m climb)

  Name Club Class Time   Comments
1.Timothy MartlandMDOCM3556.40
2.Simon ThompsonCLAROM3557.47
3.Dan ParkerMDOCM4059.38
4.M LaithwaiteMEROCM2162.42
5.John BrittonMDOCM5062.54
6.Andy ThorntonMDOCM4067.45
7.K LathamSELOCM4570.58
8.Ian BrattSAFRICAM4575.38
9.Alan OgdenMDOCM4075.39
10.Dave PillingMDOCM3576.57
11.Sean CranneyIndM2177.40
12.T SmithMDOCM6078.23
13.Chris RostronMDOCM5581.40
14.D RadspinnerDEEM3582.41
15.Andy PayneMDOCM5085.56
16.Eric PyeDEEM4099.07
----------------------------- Blue Standard ----------------------------
17.Tony HulmeIndM50102.47
18.Pete HiggsTCAM50136.31
 J HowellWAROC   Ret (66)
 Karen ParkerMDOCW35  Missing 14/15 (62.43)
 S HarroldSELOCM45  DNF (67.51)
 R HughesDEEM45  Ret (68)
 D BeattieDEEM65  Ret (85)
 S RoundSELOCM50  DNF (90.06)
 S FellbaumMDOCM40  DNF (91.41)
 A WilliamsDEEM55  Missing 14 (92.24)
 Richard HillDEEM35  DNF (92.31)
 J HughesDEEM16  DNF (104.13)
 Pete OwensDEEM40  DNF (110.50)
 M CourtDEEM35  DNF (117.47)
 Mike EcclesPFOM60  Ret (139)

Planner's comments

We first planned the courses in April when the event was originally scheduled. The control sites then were clearly visible with the bracken just showing and the bluebells out. Quite a change now with some of the bracken over head height. It was tricky to get the Blue course in without second master maps - we mapped an extra bit of the area to get some extra length.

We apologise to those who ran Yellow and Light Green for the mistakes on those courses. On Yellow control 7 was sited in the wrong place and the control description sheet had an extra control over the map. On Light Green control 6 was unfairly sited and caused a lot of grief. We hope your evening was not unduly spoilt by these mistakes.

In the end the weather was kind to us. As we travelled to the area earlier in the day to put the controls out we drove through a torrential downpour. By the time we arrived it had eased off somewhat but we still got pretty wet particularly wading through the bracken. By the evening, things had dried out though and it turned out nice.

We would like to thank Mr David Standen, National Trust Warden for helpful advice while planning the courses, and Mr Sorenson for allowing the Blue Course to run over part of his land known as Sandhills. Many thanks are also due to Chris Rostron and John Britton for collecting controls and enabling us to finish the job before dark. Thanks also to Jim Nightingale for the smooth way in which beautifully sorted equipment can so readily be collected and returned.

We hope you all enjoyed the evening.

Joan and Mike Cumpstey

Organiser's comments

Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in the results. I had to resort to the manual method of checking and typing everything by hand, rather than pressing the button marked 'check punches and produce results' which is where the electronic punching system wins. I hope everyone enjoyed the return to a more traditional orienteering event on what is always a surprisingly tough area, especially when the bracken (the original test bracken developed for military camouflage purposes) gets going.

Many thanks to the Bryants for doing the start, Tim, Mike and Dave for the finish and most of all to Christopher and Eleanor Owens who were great fun and baled the finish and on-the-day results out when things were looking most creaky. Thanks to the Cumpsteys for Planning, Jim for the Equipment and thanks to Dave Standen for giving me the keys - otherwise you would have had no toilets and all been locked in at 7.30.

There was one item of lost property, a pair of 'Police' sun-glasses. If they are yours then claim them quick, before I see how much I can get for them at the Man Utd supporters club.

Paul Jarvis and Julia Simpson.

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