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Brabyns Park
Informal Event
Saturday September 21st 2002

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White 1.8 Km

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.Emma CampbellW83rd CH Brownies20:05
2.Jessica VaughanW10Ind20:12
3.Nicola VaughanW8Ind22:22
4.Rachel VaughanW4Ind26:44
5.Alexandra HeatleyW93rd CH Brownies27:18
6.Franchesca WarrenW93rd CH Brownies27:24
7.Martin ReganM8St. Richard's27:25
8.Jason WoodM9St. Richard's27:43
9.Ciehlan DohertyM8St. Richard's27:47
10.Philip HeatleyM5Ind28:10
11.Hannah, Charlotte, Amy
& Emma
W8/W92nd H/G35:35
12.Rosina Khan +
Helena Rice +
Irsa Imran
St. Richard's38:14
13.Lauren W.W7St. Richard's38:23
14.Christopher Foreman +
Sarah Stretton
15.Emily ForemanW2Ind61:15
16.R. Howell  72:29
----------------------------- White Standard ----------------------------

Yellow 2.2 Km

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.James BreenM10St. Richard's17:41
2.Jett LennonW12St. Richard's21:54
3.Lee NeedhamM11St. Richard's24:27
4.Vicky Price & Nicky HurstW10MDOC25:42
5.Daniel CheethamM9St. Richard's26:06
6.Renee EdemW10St. Richard's28:39
7.Jessica VaughanW10Ind29:31
8.Ryan McGintyM9St. Richard's33:46
9.ZoulaW83rd CH Brownies37:43
10.Matthew AnsellM7Ind40:07
----------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
11.Caron White +2 10th CH Brownies41:10
12.Stephanie, Mary, Hannah
 1st CH Guides41:47
13.Sara FidlerW1111th Bramhall Guides43:26
14.Pat James +2 10th CH Brownies45:11
15.Sophie, Sophie & jennyW1111th Methodist Guides46:51
16.Bethan & Rachel Cope Ind48:37
17.Heather Stewart
Jessica Campbell
Helena Clyne
W131st Norbury51:12
18.Rachel & Louise FrankishW1210th CH Guides53:54
19.Rebecca Chambers
Rebecca Thomaides
Eve Hodgkinson
11th Bramhall Guides55:02
20.Jennifer Horn
Lizzie McGahey
W1110th CH Guides74:57
 Jenna McCreeryW9St. Richard's22:55 Wrong 9
 Marianne Lawrowitsch
Sinead & Siobhan Gibbons
1st Ch Guides33:56 Wrong 3, 4, 5
 Zachary LennonM9St. Richard's45:41 Wrong 3
Missing 9

Orange 2.7 Km

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.Roger BryantM10MDOC26:40
2.Marianne, Sinead & SiobhanW10/10/131st Ch Guides36:03
3.Ian Chambers + SandraM/W21Ind37:24
4.Holly LennonW14St. Anne's38:59
5.Lisa + DanielleW11/102nd High Lane42:13 (Wrong 1)
----------------------------- Orange Standard ----------------------------
6.Penny RainsW1210th CH Guides72:35 (Wrong 1)
7.Gayle + ElizabethW1211th Bramhall Guides75:47 (Wrong 1)
8.Aislinn Fawcett +
Ruth Hodgkinson
W1311th Bramhall Guides76:42
 Laura + VictoriaW102nd High Lane30:00 Missed 10-14
 Jade + Rebecca  34:45 Missed 10-13
 Samantha + Chloe 2nd High Lane62:18 Missed 10,12
 Alison + EmmaW1411th Bramhall Guides71:06 Missed 6,8

Technical 4.6km

  Name Class Club Time   Comments
1.J. Howell  31:28
2.Andrew FoxM45MDOC40:14
3.John EllertonM45MDOC53:11
4.Nick PriceM40MDOC53:54
5.Karl BecobyM21MDOC63:50
6.ButcherM50 71:21

Organiser's comments

It was lovely to see so many Brownies and Guides at Brabyns Park on Saturday, as well as a good contingent from St Richards School. I hope all who took part enjoyed the orienteering in the beautiful sunshine.

I was glad to see that all the White Course competitors completed their courses successfully, as did most of those on the Yellow. A couple of Yellows had problems with control no. 9 (Bridge, E-side) - (it was positioned on the river bank below the bridge !), and a couple veered off on to the white course temporarily (don't forget to check your control codes !)

On the Orange Course a few competitors couldn't resist the temptation of the visible marker on the tree nearest to the start. Unfortunately your tree was the next one to the north, and you couldn't see the marker from the start ! I've given these people the benefit of the doubt, as they completed the rest of the course, and strictly I shouldn't have had two controls on similar features so close together. But next time check your control codes ! Some of the Guides had problems on the challenging long leg, which ended at a contour feature. I hope this didn't spoil your enjoyment of the event, and that you will all come along and have another go soon !

The technical course was a bit dastardly in places - some route choices leading you through areas of the monster Himalayan Balsam, which is now colonising large area of the park, and other large undergrowth. Sorry if you fell foul of this - the vegetation gradings on the map need updating.

MANY thanks to the willing MDOC helpers, especially Tony Bray who turned out at 7:30 am to help put out the controls, and to Julia Harding who came along to mastermind the results despite having a terrible cold, and to Julia and Paul Jarvis who prized themselves away from their decorating to help on the finish !! Also to Lizzie and John Britton and friend, Julie Brook, John Ellerton, Andy Fox, Helen, Vicky, Annie and Nick Price, Kath Rose, and to Dave, Stephanie, Roger and Pepsi Bryant.

And finally I was most impressed that NO controls were vandalised in any way, and that the one kite which I carelessly managed to lose at 8am somewhere in the park was kindly retrieved and hung on top of one of the other controls by a delightful person whose name we will probably never know ! Thank you to all the people of Marple !

Kate Bryant

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