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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Clifton Country Park
Informal Event
Saturday October 5th 2002

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  Name Class Club Time Comments
1Zachary LennonM9St.Richards10'48 
2Daniel CheethamM9St.Richards12'11 
3Ryan McGintyM9St.Richards13'43 
4Luke DonnellyM5PFO14'33 
5Emma O'BrienW9St.Richards15'08 
6Jason WoodM8St.Richards15'32 
7Rhys FlowersM10St.Richards19'45 
8Rachel VaughanW4IND28'50 
=9Irsa ImranW8St.Richards31'14 
=9Rosine KhanW7St.Richards31'14 
=11Helena PriceW8St.Richards34'50 
13Ciehlan DohertyM8St.Richards36'53 
14Martin ReganM8St.Richards40'27 
----------------------------- White Standard ----------------------------


  Name Class Club Time Comments
1Daniom AssefaM10St.Richards19'53 
2Ryan McGintyM9St.Richards22'58 
3Jett LennonW12St.Ann23'05 
=4Julia GreenWMDOC27'15 
=4Liz BrownW 27'15 
=6S. ChidgeyM40 27'20 
=6Alex ChidgeyW9 27'20 
=6Michaela ChidgeyW9 27'20 
=6Claire & DamianM21,W21IND27'20 
10Zac LennonM9St.Richards27'52 
11Emma O'BrienW9St.Richards28'36 
12Nicola Vaughan  28'38 
=13Michael SaundersM10MDOC28'46 
=13Alistair Docherty  28'46 
----------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
15Jessica VaughanW10IND30'26 
=16Rhys FlowersM10St.Richards44'59 
=16Jason WoodM8St.Richards44'59 


  Name Class Club Time Comments
2D. HopwoodM20 35'56 
3Chris Shepherd LUOTC36'24 
4Jepson LUOTC39'21 
5Alan GoodallM55MEROC42'03 
6A.C.RyanM19 42'18 
7Julian DonnellyM35PFO44'32 
8Dando LUOTC47'03 
9D. CurtisM16MDOC49'42 
10D. HeskethM35IND53'22 
11Grice LUOTC59'34 
12Paul Van-Carster  60'01 
----------------------------- Orange Standard ----------------------------
13Gary FoxM14 68'43 
=14Alistair DochertyM10 69'54 
=14Michael SaundersM10 69'54 
16Liz Brown & Julia GreenW 69'57 
17Ian RansonJSELOC75'05 
18Holly LennonW14St.Ann81'26 
 Paul TurnerM40SELOC25'34Non-Competitive
 T. Oliver  41'50Missed 4 & 10
 Davidson LUOTC45'51Wrong 9
 H. ChidgeyW35 78'58Missed 2 & 4
 Paul FoxM14 87'10Missed 2 & 6
 Daniom & JettM10 / W12St.Richards Missed 9-13


  Name Class Club Time Pts Bonus Penalty Total
1Paul TurnerM40SELOC44'43160400200
2K. LathamM45SELOC46'161704020190
3John BrittonM50MDOC44'32150400190
4Marc LaithwaiteM21DEE49'391704050160
5Alan WebsterM40MDOC47'221304030140
6Sean LoganM35MEROC43'0980400120
7M. ClaxtonM21MEROC46'181102020110
8M. LathamM16SELOC45'26110010100
9Stuart AndersM20SELOC39'58800080
10J. GillespieM14SELOC46'389002070
11S. GillespieM16SELOC38'45700070
12K. Seng  Retired10  10

Organiser's comments

As this was the first event I have organised, the learning curve was steeper than the terrain.  Although not overly difficult, by far the least comfortable aspect was finding and persuading inexperienced volunteers to assist on the day with the essential preparation of courses and administration - all easy enough to perform. Yet again the greater portion of the burden was shouldered by the same faithful supporters who always help. Their selfless support and advice was invaluable so I offer a very big thank you to Linda, Frank & Kath, Julie and Franziska who gave up their Saturday mornings in order that everybody else could enjoy themselves.

The courses were generally easy to design on a relatively small area and without  much variation in vegetation. I tried to force the experienced runners to explore the extremes of the park but alas, no-one found all the bonus controls. For those that attempted the score course I offer my apologies for the 3 transposed control descriptions; hopefully this did not spoil the fun for you.

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, and that is my reward.
Andy Smith