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Dovestone NW Night League Event
Saturday February 14th 2004

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Simple Results

Planner's comments

We used a comfy Start for everyone's benefit and a remote Finish to avoid a mile of dead running on the ends of courses - hope you all approved. Controller Chris saved the Green folks from what would have been a very long night!

Basic ideas were Orange - lap of the near reservoir, Blue - tour of everywhere giving a nice varied loop, Green - most time on the best bit. There's some nasty tussocks on the lower East slopes which I tried to keep you out of. The upper Eastern moorland in daylight is lovely running, vague but fairly mapped. As I discovered collecting controls, in the dark it is very tricky indeed.

The stolen control on Blue is really depressing. It was probably the least accessible of any. We placed it around 12 noon, and all of it has vanished - stake, kite, SI box. What harm was it doing ? What use is it to anyone ? I know that all Blue runners had their evening spoiled. Even though the splits can be removed, I personally would have struggled to concentrate on the rest of the course. Sadly, with there being only 22 controls, we didn't tape them cos we knew we'd be putting them all out - so there wasn't even a bit of tape for people to find instead of the control. Maybe that's a lesson for the future. Maybe the kite and box should be separated to double survival chances.

Thanks to all concerned for what has been possibly the the most varied and challenging NW Night Season for a while. Good luck at the British and see you all in the Autumn.

John Britton

Organiser's comments

It was nice to be able to do a night event at Dovestone again especially as we were able to get the Sailing Club as a comfortable base. It must be the only event that has a start literally next to the bar, good job nobody was playing bar billiards!. The showers and changing rooms were available and it was nice to see them used. We went for electronic punching and the option to print maps, if necessary. Although we survived it was not without a few minor issues as the MDOC computer experts were not available and Paul was out on his course when the first people arrived to download. Apologies to Ruth for losing her splits.

Clearly the biggest disappointment was having a control on the Blue course stolen (see planners comments). The Failing Green control has been removed for the results and the time between controls 4-6 removed from Overall time on the Blue course. The weather was reasonable and most seemed to enjoy the courses. The turnout was probably affected by the date being Valentines Day but at least the dedicated were there. Not sure how we can better the facilities at Piethorne in the Autumn.

Finally thanks to John & Jen Britton, Paul Turner, Cliff Etherden and John Kewley for helping put on the event.

Chris Rostron