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Year Four Girls

Course One - 1.7 Kms

1.Rosina KhanSt.Richards13m.44s.
2.Lauren LuSt.Richards17m.49s.
3.Mia Lennon/Chloe CroninSt.Richards19m.35s.

Year Five Girls

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Hannah RelihanSt.Richards12m.37s.
2.Alice FellbaumUpton Priory13m.37s.
3.Helena RiceSt.Richards14m.30s.
4.Irsa ImranSt.Richards14m.39s.

Year Six Girls

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Clare CroninSt.Richards11m.41s.
2.Sophie HorrocksConstable Leigh11m.45s.
3.Emma O'BrienSt.Richards13m.07s.
4.Jenna McCreerySt.Richards15m.33s.
5.Tom Price/Rachel RyanSt.James17m.59s.
6.Holly Catlow/Grace HowardSt.James18m.18s.
7.Stephanie Morgan/Clare AshworthSt.James23m.08s.
8.Alicia Younger/Amy MarriotSt.James23m.41s.
9.Clare Elliot/Hannah OatwaySt.James25m.44s.

Year Seven Girls

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Vicky PriceCheadle Hulme22m.07s.

Year Nine Girls

Course Three - 3.0Kms

1.Paula BatesonTurton High27m.22s.
2.Naomi GrayburnAll Hallows29m.18s.
3.Annie PriceCheadle Hulme37m.45s.

Year Ten Girls

Course Three - 3.0Kms

1.Holly LennonSt.Annes64m.17s.
(Holly injured her ankle but still completed the course)

Year Eleven Girls

Course Four - 3.4Kms

1.Lizzie BrittonMarple Hall33m.06s.
2.Rosie GrayburnAll Hallows36m.08s.

Year Twelve Girls

Course Four - 3.4Kms

1.Sarah GreenRidge-Danyers63m.52s.

Year One Boys

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Matthew FellbaumPuss Bank12m.59s. N/C

Year Four Boys

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Joshua CarrollSt.Richards10m.48s.
2.Pearse WeatherbySt.Richards19m.36s.

Year Five Boys

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Jason WoodSt.Richards11m.14s.
2.Ciehlan DohertySt.Richards12m.12s.
3.Luis Fernandez-CruzSt.Richards14m.41s.

Year Six Boys

Course One - 1.7Kms

1.Daniel CheethamSt.Richards14m.38s.

Year Seven Boys

Course Two - 2.2Kms

1.Thomas FellbaumFallibroome Sec.17m.03s.
2.S.Backer-RowleyFallibroome Sec20m.38s. N/C

Year Eight Boys

Course Three - 3.0Kms

1.Stephen HorrocksBRGS27m.36s.

Year Ten Boys

Course Four - 3.4Kms

1.Kristopher Packer-RowleyFallibroome Sec.64m.35s.

Year Eleven Boys

Course Five - 3.7Kms

1.Alex BedwellManchester GS37m.11s.

Organiser's Comments

As there was not enough competitive teams in either the Primary or Secondary Sections, there were no team prizes presented.

Many thanks to the Planner John Kewley, who I feel provided excellent courses for all the classes as indicated by the times and no retirals at all.

Thanks also to the helpers namely- Trevor Roberts and Helen Price-START, Grahame Crawshaw-FINISH, Rae Lomas and Adrienne Sowood-RESULTS, and Tim Sowood-CONTROL CHECKING AND COLLECTION.

And finally well done to all the competitors for their impressive performances