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Philips Park
NW Night League Event
Saturday January 18th 2003

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Organiser's comments

It is a while since I organised the MDOC night event so getting to grips with Electronic punching lulled me out of any complacency.

As there was a colour coded event the following day it was logical to try and economise on effort so we used many common controls sites. On the Blue and Green courses we nudged a few controls and added several especially in the South East part after the long road section. The Green course was always going to be a little long for the night event and the times showed it. The Orange course was much more challenging than normally found on night events and I hope the entrants appreciated it. The Blue course was about right in distance and the times seem to support that.

I hope all the competitors enjoyed their courses and the wet evening didn't dampen their resolve too much.

I would like to thank: John Britton who did the main part of the course planning; Simon Thompson who gave us a head start by providing us with the Sunday Colour Coded courses; On the night, Julie Brook who did all the computer work and Chris Keeling Roberts who helped Julie and more importantly, provided us with the ideal HQ with his camper van. Finally, to my son, Hanno, who as the starter got wetter and wetter as the night wore on.

Chris Rostron

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