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Philips Park
Colour Coded Event
Sunday January 19th 2003

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Organiser's comments

I just have to thank all my helpers who actually did the work on the day.

When asked for comments, the Planner (Simon Thompson) just wanted to flag the issue of the use of this area by motorbikes. That caused him not to have a White course for this event - but, if it continues to encroach on more and more of the area, future events here may be jeopardised altogether.

Chris Kirkham 0161 903 9023


Controller's comments

Despite only taking on the role of planners in December Simon and Karen marked control sites and produced a good range of courses for me to check before Christmas. Judging by comments at the download, most competitors enjoyed their runs despite the dreary showers and mud.

The failure of 4 electronic units is worrying. Two were found to be faulty when checked before 10:00 and replaced and another two (230 and 231) that were OK before 10:00 failed during the event and had to be replaced. All early competitors affected by these have been reinstated in the results.

David Walker

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