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Manor Park
Informal Event
Saturday March 15th 2003

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Organiser's Comments - Alan Poxon

I hope that you all enjoyed your run in the sunshine. Many thanks to the MDOC helpers; especially Shaun on the finish, Liz on the results, Seb on the start and Marie-Christine on registration.

White (0.9 km, 7 controls)

  Name Club Class Time Comments
1Nick PriestleyMDOCM912:06
2Conor McCormackSt RichardsM914:38
3Hannah RelihanSt RichardsW914:40
4Nyal ThompsonSt RichardsM1117:04
5Luis HernandezSt RichardsM918:45
6Helena RiceSt RichardsW918:49
7Constance O'BellySt RichardsW918:55
8Michaela HargreavesSt RichardsW1021:03
9Clare GroninSt RichardsW1027:29
10Mia LennonSt RichardsW827:31
11Darrel Gough  29:21
12Clare ElliottSJOCW932:25
13Amy MarriottSJOCW932:29
14Lauren LuSt RichardsW835:27
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
DisqLauren ShawSt RichardsW811:18missing control 7
DisqRosina KhanSt RichardsW814:10missing control 7
DisqJoshua CarrollSt RichardsM818:08missing control 7

Yellow (1.2 km, 8 controls)

  Name Club Class Time Comments
1 Max CurrieSt James 13:15
2Ryan McGintySt RichardsM1014:03
3Molle Eccles W714:17
5Sam LongsonSJOCM1014:40
6Jenna McCreebSt RichardsW1015:13
7Conor McCormackSt RichardsM915:42
8Jack HowardSJOC 15:59
9Ayeisha RobertsSJOCW1116:00
10Luis HernandezSt RichardsM916:21
11Hannah RelihanSt RichardsW916:23
12Doherty CiehlanSt RichardsM917:05
13M ChidgeyMDOC 17:42
14A ChidgeyMDOC 17:46
15Daniel CheethamSt RichardsM1017:49
16Emma O'BrienSt RichardsW1018:05
17Holly HughesSt RichardsW1218:22
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
18Nicola GeraciSt RichardsW1220:24
19Jack Foster-CurrieSJOCM1120:37
20Holly CatlowSJOCW1021:45
21Rachel RyanSJOCW1021:49
22Liz Rave  22:19
23Alys Rose  24:18
24Chris  24:19
25Andrea Hoyland  24:20
26Jack LongsonSJOCM925:34
27 Rhys FlowersSt RichardsM1225:52
28G & A HayesMDOCW8&M230:40
29Jason WoodSt RichardsM933:31
30=Steph MorganSJOCW1036:43
30=Sophie DawsonSJOCW1036:43
32Grace HowardSJOCW1036:44
33Nyal ThompsonSt RichardsM1137:44
DisqGeorge CurrieSJOC 42:41missing controls 5 and 8

Orange (1.6 km, 10 controls)

  Name Club Class Time Comments
1Sam LongsonSJOCM1125:41
3T HayesMDOCM526:19
5Daniom AssefaSt RichardsM1229:23
6Jack Currie M1132:00
7H ChidgeyMDOC 32:10
8P Wrigley  32:20
9Christopher OwensDEEM934:11
10Jenna McCreerySt RichardsW1034:56
11James BreenSt RichardsM1135:10
12Michaela HargreavesSt RichardsW1035:21
13Holly HughesSt RichardsW1235:46
14Ciehlan DohertySt RichardsM935:47
15Elizabeth Fawcett  36:22
16Emma Trigg  36:24
17Nicola GeraciSt RichardsW1236:42
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
18Renee EdemSt RichardsW1239:25
19Eleanor OwensDEEW1042:04
20Nick PriestleyMDOCM950:00
DisqShaun Cartledge  28:52missing control 2
DisqAshley Hoyland  29:11missing control 2
DisqSandy Butcher  47:18missing controls 1 and 2


20 minutes. 14 controls @ 10 points/control, less 20 penalty points for each part minute late.

  Name Club Class Time Points Less Total
1Bill HanleySYOM5014:321400140
2P OwensDEEM4018:031400140
3Karl BescobyMDOCM2120:1314020120
4Bridget HanleySYOW4021:181204080
5Jack HowardSJOCM1120:43902070
6Jack LongsonSJOCM920:48902070
7Tom PriestleyMDOCM1326:521401400
8Holly LennonSt AnnesW1428:27120180- 60
9=Mike ButcherMDOCM5031:16140240- 100
9=Jon ButcherMDOCM5031:16140240- 100

North-West Orienteering Association (NWOA) Colour Award Scheme

NWOA Colour Award cloth badges are available for MDOC members (and pupils in the GMOA area which includes Glossop) who qualify under the scheme.

To qualify for an NWOA Colour Award, you must either finish among the top 50% of the competitors starting a course, or finish within the winners time plus 50%, three times within a period of three years.

White badges are available for those who complete three white courses. Pairs are allowed to claim white and yellow badges.

NWOA cloth badges for each colour standard cost 50p + SAE. Copies of the results are not required - just send a list of the qualifying events with the fee to:

Alan Poxon, 34 Conduit Street, Tintwistle, Glossop, Derbyshire, SK13 1LR.
Telephone: 01457 866767 evenings