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Sale Water Park
Informal Event
Saturday April 5th 2003

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Organiser's Comments
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Organiser's Comments

Many thanks to all who turned up to participate, 86 courses were run. It was good to see St Richards's supporting the event as always. Congratulations to those children from St Richards who ran 3 courses each! Thanks to helpers Ian Watson, Sue Birkinshaw, Mike Owen, Linda Musk, Eddie Speak (for printing the maps) and the Owens family from Dee who stepped in at the last minute (so Phil and Jenny B could go off to Old Trafford; Man U:4, Liverpool:0 for those who missed it). An especial thanks to the children from St Richard's who collected in all the controls; my sprained ankle only allowed me to hobble around the car park. I hope everyone enjoyed their courses, the weather was certainly kind to us.

The pre-printed maps were a first for MDOC for an informal event and a bit of an experiment. I'm sure that feedback, positive or otherwise, would be welcomed by the committee (I suggest via Ian Watson or Sue Birkinshaw). Having the larger scale maps for White and Yellow courses was certainly an improvement.

Isobel Brocklebank (0161 973 5323)



  Name Class Club Time Comments
1=Holly HughesW12St Rich10.26 
1=Nicola GeraciW12St Rich10.26 
3Conor McCormackM9St Rich11.38 
4Jason WoodM9St Rich11.41 
5Joshua CarrollM8St Rich12.31 
6Luis HernandezM9St Rich12.35 
7Renee EdemW12St Rich13.21 
8Dumisile HogoW12St Rich14.26 
9Alice DrinkwaterW7PFO14.54 
10Leah McCarthyW12St Rich15.23 
11Clare CroninW10St Rich15.28 
12=Mark BrocklebankM8MDOC16.17 
12=Robert LueryM8 16.17 
14Hayley BradleyW11St Rich17.00 
15LaurenW8St Rich17.31 
16Constance ObelleyW8St Rich22.24 
17Mia LennonW8St Rich22.25 
18Fatima ManarW35 24.43 
19Rosina KhanW8St Rich31.27 
20Helena RiceW9St Rich31.32 
21Elizabeth HigginsW8 33.54 
22Thomas HigginsM5 34.11 
23Hannah RelihanW9St Rich35.26 
24Peter HardyM6 39.20 
25Kate WorthingtonW21 48.39 
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
 Rebecca DeasW21 19.37wrong no 1



  Name Class Club Time Comments
1Ryan McGintyM10St Rich12.19 
2Sam DrinkwaterM8PFO12.32 
3Conor McCormackM9St Rich14.27 
4Jason WoodM9St Rich14.30 
5Jenna McCreeryW10St Rich18.17 
6Emma O'BrienW10St Rich20.08 
7Rhys FlowersM12St Rich22.26 
8Fatima ManarW35 22.39 
9Katie MurphyW7MDOC23.29 
10Emma Bescoby & mumW1MDOC26.27 
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
11Clare CroninW10St Rich28.23 
12LaurenW8St Rich28.27 
13Luis HernandezM9St Rich30.27 
14=Holly HughesW12St Rich36.46 
14=Nicola GeraciW12St Rich36.46 
16Ashley KennedyM12MDOC70.53 
 Joshua CarrollM8St Rich22.293 missing
wrong nos 3, 4
 J TaylorM12 29.03Wrong nos 3, 4
 Constance ObelleyW8St Rich Retired
 Mia LennonW8St Rich Retired



  Name Class Club Time Comments
1J MorrisseyW40MDOC18.56 
2A Broatch  19.43 
3Colin SmithM15MDOC23.46 
4Holly LennonW14St Annes24.22 
5Rob KennedyM50MDOC24.27 
6S Duncan  24.44 
7Daniom AssefaM12St Rich27.50 
8Chris MonkmanM15MDOC28.29 
9M OwensW40DEE30.33 
10Tim SaundersM8MDOC34.22 
11Kath RoseW70MDOC34.25 
12C OwensM9DEE35.03 
13Rhys FlowersM12St Rich35.28 
14Frank RoseM70MDOC35.45 
----------------------------- Colour Standard ----------------------------
15Renee EdemW12St Rich36.45 
16Dumisile HogoW12St Rich36.46 
17Leah McCarthyW12St Rich36.48 
18Sandy Butcher MDOC37.34 
19J DearnaleyW65MDOC40.38 
20Ryan McGintyM10St Rich41.24 
21Jenna McCreeryW10St Rich43.26 
22Rosie LueryW12 49.04 
23Michael SaundersM12MDOC49.25 



  Name Class Club Time Points
1Paul TurnerM45SELOC27.18190
2A OsborneW21MDOC32.57190
3B ChambersM50Dee33.32190
4Shane DrinkwatersM35PFO33.49190
5Ian WatsonM55MDOC33.59190
6Mike CumpsteyM55MDOC34.51190
7William SteadM40DEE35.22190
8Mike ButcherM50MDOC37.14190
9P OwensM40Dee39.02190
10Karl BescobyM21MDOC42.36190
11S RaeW50MDOC43.36190
12David RedfernM20 32.15140
13Julie RedfernW50IND45.31140
14Holly LennonW14St Annes47.09130
15M RedfernM55 53.2370