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Teggs Nose
Evening Event
Thursday June 12th 2003

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Organiser's Comments
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WHITE COURSE 1.5 km 50m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Tim Broadhurst  27.05

YELLOW COURSE 1.75 km 65m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Callum BraytonM12DEE17.44
2.A Matheson +
L Coussmaker
3.Liam PiperM12DEE20.00
4.John O'NeillM12DEE20.06
5.J Bowring + Pam H  24.56
6.E Taylor + S Neale  25.55
7.Tom CoghillM12DEE34.12
8.Baker + GalesW12DEE34.43
9.Woodley KimberW12DEE36.00
Yellow Standard
10.Fran + Catriona  37.25
11.Justin HallM12DEE38.15
12.Rae + BamfordW12DEE38.59
13.Peter hotchkissM9IND42.30
14=.Alex MooreM6 44.02
14=.Jason Moore  44.02
16.R M ScottM7 56.55
17.Karl Southern +M6 58.43
 John SouthernM40
 Alice Fellbaum   Lost card
 Sean Malkin   Lost card

LONG YELLOW 3.3 km 210m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.K Mason+ J Stutchbury
+L Broadhurst
 Jane Lea   missing 6 & 8
 Diane Blurton   "

ORANGE COURSE 2.2 km 150m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Robbie SmithM14DEE29.35
2.Leigh WykesM21IND31.33
3.Alex BedwellM18MDOC35.23
4.Elliot MalkinM13DEE38.53
5.L JacksonW35 41.55
6.C BurnsM14DEE42.24
7.Robert SalisburyM14DEE44.14
8.Hannah HornbyW12DEE44.54
Orange Standard
9.Steven Perrin +
Anna Ledgar
10.H Chalk + P Sleigh  46.03
11.Eleanor OwensW10DEE52.45
12.Matthew Fellbaum  52.54
13.Morag SintonW35DEE56.26
14.Sue WoodsW35IND59.58
 Tom Harris   wrong control 9

LIGHT GREEN COURSE 2.6 km 210m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Dominic HallM16DEE36.18
2.Lisa WhetterW21IND42.47
3.K WilliamsW50DVO61.57
4.B VerityW50DEE62.16
5.Neil LaidlawM40IND71.16
Light Green Standard
6.Alan GoodallM55MEROC71.56
7.Ross Crook DEE75.32
8.K MorrisseyW40MDOC94.42
9.Sarah GreenW16MDOC112.06
 Frank Rose   missing 6
 Nick Barker + Caroline Wrench  missing 6

GREEN COURSE 2.9 km 230m climb

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Roy LindsellM55OD38.17
2.Alan Bowring  38.43
3.N MurphyM40DEE39.41
4.Neil StevensonM21MDOC39.47
5.Chris O'DonnelM35DEE40.04
6.Norman HallM55DEE41.20
7.Shane DrinkwaterM35PFO41.49
8.A Clarke-WilliamsM18DEE42.17
9.Martin Green M45MDOC44.47
10.R J VerityM60DEE45.19
11.R Clarke-WilliamsM16DEE45.41
12.Peter PotterM45DEE46.37
13.J PadgetM60DEE46.45
14.Andy BlackM21DEE47.40
15.A Williams M55DEE47.54
16.M McIvorM60DEE47.56
17.S WildgooseM35IND47.56
18.Liz BrittonW16MDOC48.08
19.John PigottM55POTOC48.20
20.Barry ChambersM50DEE48.29
21.Michael RichardsonM60DEE48.42
22.A MullockM55DEE49.23
23.J O'NeillM16DEE50.48
24.S PlattsM10DEE51.03
25=.J SherwoodM55DEE51.33
25=.Eddie SpeakM45MDOC51.33
27.Pete OwensM40DEE53.06
28.Paul NicholsonM45DEE53.55
29.Alan PlattsM45DEE54.06
30.Mike ButcherM50MDOC55.32
31.B May M60DEE55.47
32.Tim MurphyM45DEE56.01
33.J NicholsonM14DEE56.49
Green Standard
34.L HodgesW45MDOC59.36
35.E HughesW16DEE64.26
36.Barry BarnesM60DEE64.46
37.Jon CapenerM21 65.58
38.R MillerW21IND67.08
39.Sue BirkinshawW65MDOC67.23
40.P HillsM55DEE67.46
41.M DuncanM65POTOC69.11
42.Nicolette RichardsonW55DEE72.20
43.Karl BescobyM21MDOC73.19
44.S A HillsW55DEE96.55
 Kath Rose   missing no 10
 Robert Hornby   retired
 Anja Vogel   retired

BLUE COURSE 5 km 300m climb (approx)

  Name Class Club Time Comments
1.Karen ParkerW40MDOC48.36
2.Malcolm FowlerM40MDOC52.28
3.C MitchellM18PFO52.32
4.Mike WoodsM45DEE58.25
5.John BrittonM50MDOC59.00
6.Tom BedwellM45MDOC59.29
7.Andy Smith M21MDOC61.40
8.Phil ColvilleM45MDOC63.58
9.E CinnaminW21LVO65.00
10.Helena CrutchleyW21MDOC65.31
11.Chris Rostron M55MDOC70.00
Blue Standard
12.J HughesM45DEE73.20
13.M BrockwayM40IND81.48
14.G DouganM35MDOC83.36

Organiser's Comments

I would like to thank Cheshire CC for permission for the event, and Ian Coppack, the local Ranger, for his assistance. Thanks especially to a small team of helpers.

A number of people reported doubts as to whether control 5 on Blue was in the correct place. Apologies to those who lost time as a result.

Lost Property
1 compass. Tel 0161 445 0902 and leave message. I'm elusive! I think I still have one from last year. (One of the few perks of organising events).

Thanks for coming. Tony Wagg