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Bosley Cloud District Event
Sunday December 7th 2003

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Simple Results

Planner's comments - Ray Humphreys

As a newcomer to planning anything more than a Saturday or evening colour coded [sorry, District] event, Bosley was a bit of a learning curve for me. Thanks to Andy Thornton for helping to edit the map & introducing me to OCAD and to Ian Watson for sending me a copy to finish the job. Thanks also to Simon for controlling and for his advice on some minor course alterations. Tim Mallon also helped me to put out the SI boxes on Sunday and Julie Brook did the programming.

When competing I have always found Bosley quite a physical area, in spite of its small size, hence the shortness of the courses. The heather really does make the going hard as do the slopes but I hope most people enjoyed their courses. The weather was superb on the day; it made putting the SI units out at dawn a much more pleasant experience!

As a final note, I hope the middle crag, control 198 didn't spoil the course for too many people by being not quite where everybody expected it to be. Our venture into on site printing of the maps also provided an interesting exercise in logistics (the hill from the car park certainly seems to get steeper after 3 or 4 trips up with extra maps).

Controller's comments - Simon Thompson

First of all thanks to Jenny and Ray for their hard work and for trying a number of new ideas for both of the case of laser printing at the event, new for all of us.

We did learn quite a lot from the laser printing exercise, our main problems were due to distance to the start, much higher numbers than last time and that with punching starts a lot of people may turn up early. As a result we had used our 30 blue and 20 green pre-printed maps 15 minutes after the planned first start.

In terms of courses I think we should have offered a blue of around 4.5 Km and added a brown of the length of Sunday's blue course.

A number of you questioned the positioning of control 198. Others of you may have been as unaware as Ray and I were that it was in the wrong place, for which I apologise. In short, the form line at the top of the hill is incorrect and has a 1 metre crag on it, we took this to be the top crag and put the control on the next one down. Had I realised this, I would have suggested an alternative control site. As it is a colour coded event, I did not feel it was appropriate to start cancelling can all see the splits anyway. I would have re-instated anyone missing this control only, but no-one did.

I do hope you all enjoyed your day.

Organiser's comments - Jenny Shaw

We had the weather, we had the helpers, we had the technology and didn't we all have FUN? Well the comments I received led me to believe we did. Just to say thanks to all the helpers on the day - Rae, Pete, Helen P, Helen C, Jan and Ian. Thanks to Simon and Ray for keeping it together and to Alan for keeping the communications going between 'the Cloud' and Timbersbrook. Oh yes and the back room boys and girls for the computer wizardry .. results there and then and printed maps on site! Eeeh whatever next? Hope to see you all again in 2005. (If any human beings are needed then)

Jenny Shaw 0161 445 2900