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19th Feb 2005
Bruntwood Park

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Many thanks to everyone who turned up to run at Bruntwood Park, and special thanks to those who helped or offered to help on the day. Specifically Toni Essex for her help on the finish to Sue Gibbons and to Annie Price for helping to put out controls and for manning the start.

As the first of a new series of events it was difficult to estimate who or how many people would turn up so it was good to see so many people out and about. Most people took part in the short score and the course seems to have been well received, it is always difficult to plan in an area which you know so well ! Several local people commented on the fact that they had seen parts of the park which they previously never knew existed. Well done to all the people on the long score particularly those who found all the controls within the time limit.

The turn out on the Technical course was a little disappointing, we had hoped that a few more club runners would take advantage of this training opportunity. In retrospect this course was probably a little hard/long but therein lies the challenge! Well done to all those who attempted it, special congratulations must go to Roger Bryant as this was a stiff challenge for an M12. At each future event there will be a different technical challenge (the nature of which is yet to be decided) which should provide a challenging training opportunity for established orienteers.

The next Saturday Challenge event will be on 19th March at Fletcher Moss Didsbury, an interesting runnable area, which has not been used very often so we hope to see you there.

Nick & Helen Price

30 Minute Score

  Name Class Club Time Score Total
1Siobhan Gibbons W15Cheadle North Ranger30.10180175
2Katie MurphyW9MDOC 34.53140115
3Rosie Ogden W6IND25.46110110
4Hilary OgdenW9IND23.39100100
5Alexandra HeatleyW113rd Cheadle Hulme Scouts29.00100100
 Phillip HeatleyM93rd Cheadle Hulme Scouts 29.00100100
6Megan GrahamW73rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies31.07110100
 Coralise AdamW73rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies31.07110100
7Victoria GortonW83rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies31.31110100
 Naomi TanW83rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies31.31110100
8Charlie McKeeverM6IND36.5313095
 Harry ThompsonM5IND36.5313095
9Gabbi McKeeverW73rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies40.1214085
10Ryan GrahamM10IND31.439080
11Ellie JohnstoneW5Cheadle Hulme Rainbow32.159075
 Olivia CawleyW6Cheadle Hulme Rainbow32.159075
12Megan JohnstoneW83rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies32.339075
 Beth CawleyW83rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies32.339075
13Amelia McKeeverW103rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies26.567070
14Lizzy ThompsonW73rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies43.3313060
15Victoria BellairsW93rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies87.00220-65
 Alex and Thomas  87.00220-65
17Amy ButlerW93rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies66.00110-70
 Alice ButlerW5IND66.00110-70

45 Minute Score

  Name Class Club Time Score Total
1Duncan CookM21DEE37.22250315
2Paul VancasterM40MDOC45.00250250
3David ThomkinsM60MDOC46.32230220
4Robin GreenM16MDOC35.05180180
5Frank RoseM75MDOC42.14180180
6Fran HeronW65SELOC50.27200170
7Tom RawlingsM125th Wilmslow Scouts32.20160160
8Kath RoseW75MDOC43.20160160
9Jane RawlingsW45Ind47.00170160

Technical Course

  Name Class Club Time
1Kate BryantW50MDOC60.57
2Martin GreenM50MDOC67.55
3Roger BryantM12MDOC72.57
4Steven RawlingsM50Ind95.30