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Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Saturday Challenge Results
25th November 2006
Manor Park, Glossop

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Planner and Organiser - Grahame Crawshaw


PositionNameClubClassTime (m:s)
1Kiera Doyle + 1St James 9:47
2Ieuan RobertsSt James 11:00
3Amy + Jo BrooksSt James 13:48
4Harry + Lisa BloorSt James 14:18
5Rosie Martland + 1MDOC 17:47
6Jake + Isaac Young  21:31
7Jordan Simpson + Robyn McLarenSt James 26:25
8Sarah SosanyaSt RichardsW942:48
9George BurkeSt RichardsM842:54

Short Score (30 Minutes)

PositionNameClubClassTime (m:s)ScorePenaltyTotal Score
1Simon FletcherFallibroome 20:00200-200
2Declan Doyle + 1St James 26:22200-200
3William Preece + Robert MetcalfFallibroome 26:59200-200
4Stephen PruntySt RichardsM921:42190-190
5Adam SimpsonFallibroome 28:45190-190
6Chris HoltFallibroome 25:14180-180
7Rebecca LuSt RichardsW826:27180-180
8Kyle Caddick + Oliver HardyFallibroome 26:31170-170
9Nathan RobinsonSt RichardsM1025:54160-160
10Tom HortonFallibroome 30:06160-5155
11Nathan Rose + Angus CampbellFallibroome 32:22170-15155
12Lauren Briers + Abbey NewtonFallibroome 29:54150 150
13Thomas McCannMDOC 22:01140 140
14Shannon CaseySt RichardsW824:21140 140
15Claire HoranSt RichardsW827:20140 140
16Ailish HessionSt RichardsW1020:56130 130
17Ainsley Leopold-JamesSt RichardsM923:39130 130
18Sabrina Leopold-JamesSt RichardsW1031:49140-10130
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late

Long Score (45 Minutes)

PositionNameClubClassTime (m:s)ScorePenaltyTotal Score
1Liam Corner (N/C ?)MDOCM3513:08250-250
2Dave McCannMDOCM4015:32250-250
3Andrew TongueMUOC 17:31250-250
4Nick PriceMDOCM4520:30250-250
5Roger BryantMDOCM1520:41250-250
6Tim HargreavesMDOCM4523:39250-250
7Helen PriceMDOCW4526:06250-250
8Peter O'Brien  26:26250-250
9Michelle RileyMDOCW2126:54250-250
10Cliff LomasMDOCM5528:26250-250
11Jane McCannMDOCW4028:49250-250
12Julie BrookMDOCW5534:47250-250
13Andrea WorrallMUOC 43:11250-250
14Alex McCannMDOC 21:55240-240
15Ashley ThomasMUOC 22:39240-240
16Kate BryantMDOCW5030:44240-240
17Melody Thompson + 1SELOC 48:00230-15215
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late


Thanks for coming to Manor Park on a day when the weather did not look too promising. Having set up the event in torrential rain, we were fortunate that it cleared to give a pleasant morning.

I hope that you enjoyed your runs, and I am pleased that at least one of the controls gave the experienced orienteers something to think about.

Having spent some time deciphering muddy control cards, I've just remembered another advantage of electronic punching!

Thanks to all helpers - Irene, Liam, Rae, Pete, Clare, Julie and the McCann family