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Saturday Challenge Results
20th January 2007
Woodbank Park, Stockport

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Thank you for all those who attended Saturday's event at Woodbank. Considering the weather on the 2 previous days it was a good turnout. I hope everyone had a good run.

Thank you also for the helpers on the day. Eddie Speak, Nick Price, Chris Rostron, Dave Walker and the McCann family who put out and brought in the controls. A special thanks also to Vicky and Zara, the Sandbach teacher, and Mrs Querrichi who found themselves on the start and finish.

Without this support these events would not be possible to run. Every little helps from everyone.

Helen Price

45 Minute Score

1Dave McCannMDOCM4038.002500250
2Tom TaylorSandbach Sch.M1842.002500250
3Martin GreenMDOCM5043.302500250
4Alex McCannMDOCM1250.0025025225
5Chris RostronMDOCM6052.1425040210
6David WalkerMDOCM6545.452105205
7Steve RawlingsMDOCM5547.1022020200
8Paul VancalsterMDOCM4557.0025060190
9Thomas RichardsonSandbach SchM1552.4022040180
10Jane RawlingsMDOCW5045.411705165
11James StopsSandbach SchM1437.001600160
12Michael KingeSandbach SchM1455.2021055155
13Jess HarrisonIndW2138.301500150
14Sarah AnstreeIndW2141.001500150
15Alex DickinsonMDOCM1447.0016015145
16Rose HarrisonIndW5541.231400140
17Max TimSandbach SchM1344.001400140
18Robert Atkinson/James HibbertWilmslow H.S.M1448.1416020140
19Callum LawtonSandbach SchM1448.1916020140
20Vicky PriceW.H.G.S/MDOCW1650.0016025135
21Zara QuerreshiW.H.G.SW1650.4816030130
22Adam AtlasiSandbach SchM1453.4017045125
23Anthony BoSandbach SchM1435.001200120
24Richard TownsheadPOTOCM1031.001000100
25OliverSandbach SchM1449.0012020100
26Tom PughSandbach SchM1456.221506090
27Ellis MurraySt OswaldsM549.35602535
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late

30 Minute Score

PositionNameClubClassTimeScorePenaltyTotal Score
1Stephen PruntySt RichardsM1030.551305125
2Tom McCannMDOCM1024.00100100
3Harry BloorHayfield PrimaryM527.00100100
4Gabriel BakoSt RichardsM1033.001101595
5Clare HoranSt RichardsW931.00100595
6Amy + Joe BrooksHayfield PrimaryW8/M534.581202595
7Shannon CaseySt RichardsW928.007070
8George BurkeSt RichardsM935.00902565
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late