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Saturday Challenge Results
17th February 2007
Bramhall Park

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Thank you to everyone for turning up on what turned out to be a very enjoyable day. All competitors did very well indeed and there were some great individual performances. Most notable was Dave McCann who blew away the field to win the 45 Minute Score comfortably!

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way. The help was much appreciated by everyone who took part in the event. We're glad everyone enjoyed themselves and hope you'll all be addicted enough to come to the next Saturday Challenge event!

Roger Bryant (M16)

Unfortunately a day of continuous rain on Friday made the area rather muddy, but that didn't seem to mar anyone's enjoyment, and at least it was dry (with sunny periods even!) on the day. We were particularly impressed by the number of participants who arrived either on foot or bike or by public transport !

Many thanks go to the following helpers, who made the whole day much more relaxing ! :

Julie Brook, Graham Phythian, Julia Simpson, Paul Jarvis, Andrew Tongue, Steve Lang, the McCann family, Reeta & Anna Ledgar, Bob Verity, my family (Dave, Roger and Steph), Martin Green, Nick Price and anyone else I cajoled into doing odd jobs on the day.

Kate Bryant

Long Score (45 Minutes) (35 Competitors!)

1Dave McCannMDOCM4018:41250250
2Steve LangMDOCM3519:24250250
3Martin GreenMDOCM5022:04250250
4Thomas FellbaumMDOCM1622:51250250
5Nick PriceMDOCM4523:24250250
6John & Oliver KewleySYOM40 M1624:53250250
7Eddie SpeakMDOCM5025:22250250
8Andrew TongueMDOCM2126:47250250
9Cliff LomasMDOCM5528:52250250
10Helen PriceMDOCW4529:16250250
11Alex McCannMDOCM1229:28250250
12S. FletcherFallibroomeM3530:24250250
13Neil WilliamsFallibroomeM4531:11250250
14Barry ChambersDEEM5531:41250250
15P. Van CalsterMDOCM4532:26250250
16Peter O'BrienIND32:30250250
17Alice FellbaumMDOCW1433:11250250
18Annie PriceMDOCW1833:14250250
19Drew BroatchIND38:16250250
20Vicky Gorton3rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies39:11250250
21Julie BrookMDOCW6041:13250250
21Tom RawlingsMDOCM1641:13250250
23Heather FellbaumMDOCW4035:42240240
24Jane RawlingsMDOCW5044:11240240
25Sarah AnsteeIND37:01230230
26Robin Atkinson & James HibbertWilmslow High SchoolM1439:05230230
27Frank RoseMDOCM7539:24220220
28Anna LedgarMDOCW1339:37220220
29Rita LedgarMDOCW4539:42220220
30Kate ButlerIND42:23220220
31Jess HarrisonIND43:18220220
32Shannah Few3rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies40:26200200
33Michael DorringtonIND49:01210-20190
34Kath RoseMDOCW7544:39180180
35Roberto StuccoIND51:29210-35175
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late

Short Score (30 Minutes) (6 Competitors)

PositionNameClubClassTimeScorePenaltiesTotal Score
1Jonathan BaileyFallibroome27:10170170
2Katie MurphyMDOC29:49160160
3Kyle CaddickFallibroome29:27150150
4Miliani Fraser-FletcherIND32:1713015115
5Rachel TomniakIND29:368080
6Ellis MurrayIND38:041104070
 10 Points per control
5 Points penalty per minute late