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Heaton Park District Event
Sunday February 25th, 2007

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Controller's comments

I agreed to control this event at short notice on condition that I would only be able to put a small amount of time into it. However, I think there were only two things that went wrong. Firstly apologies to the competitors on Light Green who had controls 1-8 followed by 10 followed by an unnumbered control! We had some sort of odd error in the OCAD planning file which kept manifesting itself in different ways. This one didn't appear on the course when looked at in the planning file but appeared when we generated the file used for printing. Sorry I should have checked more carefully.

Secondly, apologies to those who were confused by the tape at 208 which was about 20m above the control which was tucked around a corner. I never saw the tape and put the control approximately where I thought the centre of the circle was. Quite how all this actually happened is a long story involving an injured planner, absent taper and control putter outers who got lost on the way to the car park! Anyway, particularly as this was a low key event, I have re-instated those who saw the numbered tape and assumed the control was missing.

I think John should be congratulated for his courses. Some said that they made Heaton Park seem like a real orienteering area!

Ian Watson

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