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Saturday Challenge Results
17th March 2007
Bruntwood Park

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Yellow Course

1Nathan RobinsonM11St.Richards12:19
2Stephen PruntyM10St.Richards15:19
3Sabrina Leopold JamesW11St.Richards18:39
4Gabriel BakoM10St.Richards19:12
5Ailish HessionW11St.Richards19:12
6Claire HoranW9St.Richards20:25
7Shannon CaseyW9St.Richards20:41
8Ben MartlandM7MDOC21:01
9Rosie MartlandW10MDOC22:08
10Greta FeatherstoneW63Independent28:07
11Abby NewtonW14Fallibroome 35:05
12Luke KenneallyM10St.Richards53:53
13Megan O'NiellW9St.Richards53:53
14Lisa MarleyW14Fallibroome 01:14:18
15LaurenM14Fallibroome 01:14:18

30 Minute Score

1Angus CampbellM14Fallibroome27:161700170
2Oliver HarveyM14Fallibroome28:431700170
3Anne Ledgar Independent28:541700170
4Adam Simpson Fallibroome30:001700170
5Isabella RogersW141st Didsbury Guides29:331400140
6Eloise BickleW121st Didsbury Guides29:331400140
7Shannah Few 3rd Cheadle Hulme Brownies28:141300130
8Jonathan BaileyM14Fallibroome28:311300130
9William PreeceM12Fallibroome28:301200120
10Nathan RoseM14Fallibroome30:161105105
11John HardyM8Independent26:291000100
12Dennis HardyM50Independent26:291000100
13Roberto Stocco Independent37:291204080
14Dan AffenM30Independent40:25905535
15Anne WarwoodW30Independent40:25905535
 10 points per control and 5 point penalty for each minute or part minute over time

45 Minute Score

1Warren MasonM40MDOC21:362500250 
2Nick PriceM45MDOC25:372500250 
3Malcolm FowlerM40MDOC25:422500250NC
4Steve RawlingsM55MDOC28:392500250 
5Simon FletcherM35Fallibroome29:012500250 
6Anne OsborneW21JOK30:262500250 
7Andrew GregoryM70MDOC34:462500250 
8Roderick Johnstone DEE34:592500250 
9Drew Broatch Independent36:022500250 
10Helen PriceW45MDOC36:142500250 
11Neil WilliamsM45Independent36:212500250 
12Barry ChambersM55DEE36:242500250 
13Alex McCannM12MDOC36:382500250NC
14Annie PriceW17MDOC37:572500250 
15Paul Van CalsterM45MDOC39:012500250 
16Peter O'BrienM45Independent39:492500250 
17Nathan CawleyM16Fallibroome42:212500250 
18Jane RawlingsW50MDOC44:552500250 
19Julie BrookW60MDOC43:492400240 
20Alex GriffithsM16Fallibroome44:542400240 
21James WheelerM16Fallibroome41:002300230 
22Vicky PriceW16MDOC41:452300230 
23Max WilliamsonM16Fallibroome43:022300230 
24Harry ShatwellM16Fallibroome46:0424010230 
25Denise CookW21MDOC40:062200220 
26Matt SaxtonM16Fallibroome43:592200220 
27Michel DorringtonM21Independent43:452100210 
28Tony MasonM45MDOC40:512000200 
29Will LeungM16Fallibroome44:141900190 
30Louise BoyerW16Fallibroome38:531800180 
31Lian ThackerayW16Fallibroome40:451800180 
32Vicky BurtonW16Fallibroome38:251600160 
33Claire WoodW16Fallibroome43:031500150 
10 points per control and 5 point penalty for each minute or part minute over time

Organisers Comments

The number of runners on Saturday was the highest we have seen for a long time at a Saturday morning event. We had a total of 63 runners. We had judged the number of maps to print based on similar events in previous years and adding a few, clearly this estimate was wrong. Thanks to anyone who gave up their map at the end of their runs to help us out, if you would like a map please contact us.

Conditions on the ground were significantly drier compared to when the control positions were chosen several weeks ago, several locations were discarded as we didn't want you wading through the streams.

The winning time on the Yellow course was quite impressive considering this course was 1.9 km long and pin punching was being used, have St Richards runners been practising their punching technique?

The long score event was very well supported and people judged their running times well with only one person incurring a small penalty.

It was good to see some beginners coming along, we hope you enjoyed the event. On the back all maps is a list of forthcoming events, the next being in Lyme Park in April, an area well suited to beginners and improvers.

Finally, thanks to all the helpers on the day, putting out controls, registration, start and finish and packing up afterwards.

Jane and David McCann