Manchester University Orienteering Club
assisted by
Manchester and District Orienteering Club

Sprint Event at the Armitage Centre, Manchester University
Saturday March 24th, 2007


Controller's comments

On behalf of the intrepid few who made the effort, I'd like to thank assistant controller Martin, Brian for the maps, Maria for some excellent planning, Andrew for sorting out all the permissions and an excellent HQ, Eddie for serious amounts of late-night computing, and Andrea, Jan, Julie, Mark, Brittons, Bryants, Crawshaws, McCanns for all the on-the-day jobs.

I treated myself to racing both courses so I got a proper competitor-eye view, though as mapping-aide, controller and control-hanger I was at a serious advantage. I enjoyed all Maria's twists and turns and breaks in flow, but we should have tucked the kites away a lot more on the second half of Part 1. I thought Part 2 was much better fun, and we could maybe have done two courses on the same map. My eyes struggled to make out some of the green-on-yellow - maybe we should look at making the yellow paler and the green darker.

I've asked around a bit, and opinion seems to be the two-map format worked pretty well. If it is done again, there'll be maps of how to get across the road !

All feedback would be very welcome ... should we put pink lines on uncrossable fences? Really hide the kites? Just have one race rather than two? Use the same area twice, and leave Platt Fields for the ordinary local event rota? etc. Yes, there were some Schools clashes on the date ... but any ideas on what would make the turn-out more respectable would be very welcome too.

John Britton