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Chorlton Water Park Evening Event
Thursday June 14th, 2007

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Organiser's comments

We arrived at the car park to prepare the event to find the car park closed and in the middle of being resurfaced. Luckily the workers were flexible and allowed us access to the area where we set up the registration tent.

Chorlton Water Park is always awkward to plan events at , due to the vegetation which seems to grow very rapidly and in some places very high. This year was not as bad as previous years but still enough to make progress slow in some places.

It was good to see a large number of juniors turning up for the event, many had also done the first part of the series at Sale the previous week.

The score event produced some impressive runs and some very breathless runners at the finish, as was intended. Unless you are very fast it is not going to be possible to visit all the controls in the allowed time.

Series points scores are available here so you can see who is in contention for the prizes which will be given as the final result becomes clear on the evening of the Fletcher Moss event.

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