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Alderley Edge Evening Event
Tuesday July 17th, 2007

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Planner/Controller comments

When first visiting the Edge (in early June) the assumption made was that by mid-July the unseasonal weather would be long replaced with warm and dry conditions and it would be a typical balmy Alderley summer evening. This assumption proved somewhat erroneous!

Competitors wearing anything less than crampons found the sloping surfaces 'challenging', and those with road trainers were disadvantaged; however it is not in the planner's agenda to consider such things and most of the marshy areas were no wetter/deeper than what is commonly encountered in the Lakes in Winter.

One must judge the courses on technical efficacy, target times and enjoyment/challenge on the part of the competitors; from reactions that I garnered, the courses proved appropriate on all three counts, many saying that they really enjoyed the challenge of selecting route choice in unusual conditions.

Two controls on the light green proved physically difficult for some of our senior orienteers; judging the balance of technical and physical challenge is a fine art and 'hanging high' can compromise the quality of the control site, but this (novice!) planner has taken note. Long times on some of the courses seemed to have been mostly down to inappropriate footwear and/or faulty navigation (which, at Alderley, can lead to some circuitous routes with unwelcome climb) don't blame me guv'

Phil Colville (Planner)
Eddie Speak (Controller)

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