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Regional Event at Piethorne near Rochdale

Sunday November 11th 2007

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Last updated: November 16th, 2007

Organiser's, Planner's and Controller's Comments, Badge Times, Photos, update to Lost Property


- in case of query email or contact Julie Brook on 01663 745020

Lost Property

1 Yellow Polaris Top
1 Blue Cagoule
1 Pair Trainers

Please contact the Organiser, Paul Jarvis, on 01625 585056 to claim. Or email

Organiser's comments

Piethorne is logistically challenging, the distance from car park and the remoteness makes juggling helpers a bit difficult. A large team was involved in putting out and checking the equipment on a foul Saturday so it's good when it goes well on the day and we receive positive feedback - thanks 8)

Apologies! two pre-entries didn't have a map at the start! We did print extra on each course but obviously a few too many EOD's got past us without maps. Thanks to James our tame fell runner for helping out with one map and I think the other person enjoyed the alternative course he ran. Apologies! for the confusion over the clothing transfer, I suffered a little sign blindness on the morning and put the wrong ones out. The weather helped me out there!!

Thanks to people too numerous to mention (I'll do that separately) the Planner and Controller were brilliant, and the Simpsons allowed me to concentrate on Registration knowing the start and finish were sorted. But there are two people who I'd like to single out for special awards, firstly MDOC's John Britton whose tireless efforts on Saturday and Sunday meant that the rest of us got home at least an hour early each day and secondly, to the Ranger Steve Jones whose contribution with the Land Rover allowed us to deliver and then collect all the remaining equipment before it went dark.

Paul Jarvis

Planner's comments

This was my first time planning a Regional event, so I'm relieved that it was a success and well attended. Dick was great as controller and I learnt an awful lot from him during the planning process.

The map of the Piethorne area is not wonderful, and although we had small regions of it updated it could still do with quite a lot of work. Course planning was complicated by the large out-of-bounds regions and all of the new fences that have appeared - apologies to anyone who found crossing C1 difficult but it was the only way to sensibly use that part of the map.

Finally, my great appreciation and thanks to all those who helped put out and collect controls, but special thanks to John Britton for helping with control put-out on the Saturday (and again teaching me new tricks of the planning trade), manning them on the Sunday and then collecting them late in the afternoon.

John Bainbridge

Controller's comments

Piethorne isnít the most exciting area, but I really enjoyed controlling this event, despite the weather on Saturday. I had been concerned that the weather might be bad on the day, so was happy for John to plan courses which were perhaps a bit short. In fact, John did lengthen most of the courses by about 10% after Iíd run round his original course 4 in 51 mins. On the day, Julian Laileyís time for the lengthened course 4 of 44:45 is impressive. The M21L course was won by M18, Thomas Beasant, in 66:13, so a top elite runner would, presumably, have got round a bit faster than the 67 min winning time set out in the Regional Event Guideline. Perhaps most importantly, there were very few disqualifications, always good to see, particularly on the junior courses.

We had some problems with the map, which still isnít that accurate in places. It would be a good idea if a mapper could spend a little time having a look at the inaccuracies we have identified. I hope nobody on courses 1, 2 or 3 was inconvenienced by the unmapped fence that we marked on the maps in the start box. I am sorry we didnít notice this omission before the course maps were printed.

I know both John and Paul worked really hard to make this event successful. They are both very easy to work with and are a credit to MDOC. This was my first experience of Condes, which as a program for planning orienteering courses, clearly has both advantages and disadvantages over OCAD. John made it hard for himself by deciding to offer 2 map scales, but coped very well.

Iím not 100% impressed by the present version of waterproof paper used for the maps. It is waterproof, though laser printing doesnít always seem that permanent where the paper is folded. It definitely isnít tear-proof, so a map might be damaged if a runner falls over on rough ground.

Dick Towler, LOC

Badge Times

Class     Gold    Silver   Bronze

M21L      82:46    99:19   132:26
M21S      57:46    69:19    92:25
M21V      35:21    42:25    56:33
M35L      66:15    79:30   106:00
M35S      42:49    51:23    68:30
M40L      89:12   107:03   142:44
M40S      57:39    69:11    92:15
M45L      61:19    73:35    98:07
M45S      37:31    45:01    60:02
M50L      63:37    76:21   101:48
M50S      38:56    46:43    62:17
M55L      58:36    70:19    93:46
M55S      39:48    47:46    63:41
M60L      55:56    67:07    89:30
M60S      31:39    37:59    50:39
M65L      55:26    66:31    88:42
M70L      50:40    60:48    81:04
M75L      66:08    79:22   105:50
W21L      67:30    81:00   108:00
W21S      41:18    49:34    66:05
W21V      30:13    36:16    48:21
W35L      66:41    80:01   106:42
W40L      58:22    70:03    93:24
W40S      39:39    47:34    63:26
W45L      61:18    73:34    98:06
W45S      44:51    53:50    71:46
W50L      67:47    81:21   108:28
W50S      44:38    53:34    71:25
W55L      63:08    75:46   101:02
W55S      47:21    56:49    75:46
W60L      71:45    86:06   114:48
W60S      53:48    64:34    86:06
W65L      86:10   103:24   137:52
W65S      77:33    93:03   124:04
W70L      59:12    71:03    94:44
JM2       27:08    32:34    43:26
JM3       35:05    42:06    56:08
JM4       26:25    31:42    42:16
JM5L      67:20    80:48   107:44
JM5M      50:41    60:49    81:06
JM5S      38:40    46:24    61:52
JW2       30:06    36:07    48:10
JW3       41:36    49:55    66:34
JW4       53:26    64:07    85:30
JW5L      80:50    97:00   129:20
JW5S      40:58    49:10    65:34

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