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Reddish Vale Saturday Challenge
March 15th, 2008

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Organiser's Comments

It looked like we were going to get wet as we were putting controls out for the courses. However the rain held off until just after we had finished packing up. Many thanks to all the helpers on the day and Eddie Speak for map printing beforehand.

In planning the courses I tried to use 3 different areas for the white, yellow and orange courses so that if people wanted a second run they could do so without revisiting the controls they had already been to. This seemed to work. Apologies to anyone who was affected on the white course as a result of some local boys moving controls. These were replaced pretty quickly by following runners on the score course - thanks to them as well.

On the yellow and orange courses there were some good runs and no-one seemed to have major problems. Apologies to Tom Ramsey and Isaac Liptrott who lost time (about 2 and a half minutes) on what was control 226 but appeared to be control 200. This was an error on our part and I think you are justified in taking this time off your total times.

Regarding the score, my plan worked. There were 2 controls to the North of the river. Some people missed #19, either because they did not see it until too late or because they felt they could not get it in the time allowed. Some went North of the river to #21, came back and then realised #19 had not been visited later on. The learning here is to quickly scan where all the controls are early on in the course and plan a route ... then stick to it.

And for anyone thinking that crossing the river in early March is an option, it isn't.

Final thanks are due to the visitor centre team who have been extremely helpful and enthusiastic from the planning stages through to the event. Their website is worth a visit to see the wide range of activities they run through the year and the photos they have of the wildlife you ran past.

, 0161 483 2061 .

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