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Tegg's Nose Evening Event
June 3rd, 2008

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A compass was left at the event. Please contact the organiser to claim.

Organiser - Steve Fellbaum, 01625 421525

I hope you enjoyed your runs on Teggs Nose. The area is always physically challenging and the courses hopefully presented you with a number of interesting route choice options. I would like to thank Thomas (planner) and Dave (controller) for the range of courses presented, and to the MDOC 'A' team, who so willingly and efficiently carried out the various jobs to deliver a successful event to the competitors. Thank you for supporting the North West Junior Squad cake stall. Alice raised £50. Finally, I would like to thank the Teggs Nose Country Park wardens/rangers for granting access to the area and allowing use of the visitor centre facilities.

See you next year

Planner - Thomas Fellbaum, M16

Having only planned a small introductory before, this was the first time I have planned a local event. The many positive comments I received from competitors made the many hours spent on Teggs Nose (sometimes in the snow!) 100% worthwhile. I would like to thank Dave Mawdsley (the controller) who helped me greatly in the preparation for the event.
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and look forward to planning again in the future - next stop planner for WOC! (I wish)

Controller's Comments - Dave Mawdsley

Tegg's Nose is a tough area for both competitors and planners. Invariably novice planners cut their teeth on a small local evening event but it is often more difficult to plan good courses than on the larger more prestigious areas. I think Thomas did an excellent job and I've enjoyed working with him. I apologise for the wrongly placed control (231) on the Blue and Green courses - my fault in that, though I had checked it was correctly taped prior to the event, I failed to re-check it on the day. Overall I think the event went well - thanks to all who helped, especially the control hanger/collectors. I hope you all enjoyed your runs and look forward to returning to Tegg's Nose in the future!

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