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Brereton Heath Evening Event
June 19th, 2008

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Organiser - Julie Brook, 01663 745020

Planner's Comments - John Kewley

Since we have had a map memory ("Norwegian") event here many times in the past, I felt we needed something different, especially since the vagaries of the map mean that map memory is, to me, probably more unfair than normal O. So I hope you preferred the short Green and short Blue courses instead.

Using such a small area, a significant chunk of which is water had implications for the courses:

The map needs some rework in places since the path network is not as obvious on the ground as on the map. This was most notable around control 210. I believe it was on the correct path junction, but the junction should probably be mapped a bit further to the NE (So I hung it to increase visibility from that direction).

Yellow gave me the biggest headaches since as soon as you left the security of the main path, the path network wasn't as obvious as you would have hoped. In retrospect control 4-5 was too hard since there was a parallel route through the trees that I hadn't noticed that went parallel to the marked one. This was countered by moving the control to be a bit more visible along the path so competitors on both paths could see it (with being visible from it).

Thanks to David and Julie for their help leading up to the event and on the day, also to all those who put controls out and collected them in.

Since I had to dash away early, I wasn't around to hear any feedback about the courses, so I didn't get much feedback.


Controller - David Walker

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