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MDOC/DEE Challenge
Wyches Farm, Nether Alderley
July 13th, 2008

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The result turned out to be a lot closer than we thought on the day due to some miscalculations and errors in start times on the control cards. However, the overall result stayed the same. MDOC 146 to DEE 154

For full details, see the Results spreadsheet.

The Bingo idea looked good at first sight however the shape of the area made it difficult to have too many options, therefore I introduced the scoring system to add further options.

I wanted to cause some confusion with the scoring system but hadn't anticipated how much. Most had a strategy when they set off , how well you executed it only you will know.

I hope everyone of the 56 individuals and teams who had a go enjoyed the amusement. I wish I could get as good attendance at the Night League events.

Any queries or complaints should be sent to the adjudicator, with the Customary 100 c/o the Consulate of Finland in Manchester (address from embassy website).

Chris Rostron

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