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Riverside Park Saturday Challenge
September 13th, 2008

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Organiser's Comments - Richard Preece, 01625 585283

This was my first time. It probably showed. Other prospective first time organisers should feel reassured that a large number of people who know what they’re doing coach you along the way.

The list of friends to thank is very long. Thank you all.

I must give a special mention to Dave McCann without whom it wouldn’t have happened. Also to Heather for arranging a quick rendezvous at McDonalds with Vicky to get the four extra kites I needed (only for me to announce on her return I actually needed at least five).

Top tips? (1) Count the key items (eg kites); (2) Ask for lots of advice and help; (3) Don’t forget the chairs for your volunteers.

The attendance was very good for a Saturday Challenge event. There was also lots of interest from passers-by. There were some excellent scores by the very young runners. After the long summer break on the sun loungers a disappointingly large number of MDOC mums and dads scored less than their little ‘uns – you know who you are. Finally a special note for Roger (Bryant) who rightly observed that he’d scored the maximum points most efficiently (wasting far less effort than the other top scorers).

In the end I enjoyed the experience almost as I enjoyed the relief of completing it without too many catastrophes.

Planner's Comments - Will Preece, M13

The area isn’t very challenging so it was hard to make it interesting for the more experienced orienteers. Trees and undergrowth have grown a lot since it was mapped. I did manage to get runners to make some bad route choices and quite a lot of adults had trouble finding Control 7. The children stuck to the path and found it more easily.

The map was confusing at the north end so Control 1 was not as easy as it could have been. I was going to put Control 20 by the fence and then decided to put it by the tree. I forgot I’d changed it and placed it by the fence. It was only about 3 metres away but it caused some confusion. Sorry.

Parent/Child Results

ChildParentChild scoreParent scoreTotalRank
TomStephen Fellbaum2652525171E
AlexJane McCann2602545142E
RogerKate Bryant2652304953E
TomRichard Williams2522314811
TomJoanna Horton2522234752
RomaneEdouard Salathé175261436
JohnSteve Dempsey1652654303
AlexIan MacKintosh231194425
TomDave McCann155265420
TomMichael Vale191195389
FrancescaRoberto Stocco190190380
JosephSimon Proud120260380
NomiJochen Fischer194152346
JoeGeoff Parker163163326
HectorManuelle Salathé145170315
KrisDavid Birtwistle153153306
JamesEddie Davies153151304
AdamWendy Davies156145301
FinnRosie Chapman133133266
JoelDean Thetford7585160
AliceHeather Fellbaum258258516n/c

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