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Longford Park Saturday Challenge
October 4th, 2008

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Organiser's Comments - Chris Owen, 0161 426 6803

Well that'll teach me to make ambitious promises that I can't deliver on! I promised clubmates a beautiful sunny Autumn day for the event, and I failed, though not big style. Conditions were actually OK and the scene was set for some lively orienteering.

The plan was to have a good spread of controls in all areas of the park but link them up via an area of rather numerous controls among the walls and rockeries of the central gardens area. From loping along through leafy parkland one had to make a quick transition to nitty gritty control picking in that central area. Number 17 (Wall, north side) gave rise to some interesting headscratching, judging from comments at the finish. That was of course the evil plan! What I didn't plan for was number 14 (dry pond, NE edge) being so slippery under foot. The pond had been lined with fibreglass, which was fine in dry conditions but slippy once wet. No harm done though.

With 64 orienteering competitors out there, together with children running in the monthly cross country league based at the stadium, sleepy old Longford Park quickly became a hive of activity. There were some seriously brisk runs, and the speed of the fastest Fallibroome and Sandbach runners should be grounds for optimism for those entering the upcoming score championships at Sherwood Pines. Thank you all very much for coming along and supporting this event. I hope you all enjoyed it.

A big "thank you" also to the team of helpers who got it all together on the day, as well as beforehand. My suspicion that they had it all in hand regardless was confirmed when I sneaked off to the stadium for a quick coffee and found that control-collecting had all been organised for me and people were about to set off. Brilliant. Isn't coffee clever stuff!

The controls are on RouteGadget, showing what order people visited them in, and it shows a good deal of variety. If you fancy adding in your exact route then that would add value and be interesting to see.

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