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Sale Water Saturday Challenge
November 22nd, 2008

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Organiser's Comments - Simon Proud, 01565 652920

The most pleasing thing about this event was the high turnout for a Saturday morning score event, including quite a few first-timers, returners to orienteering and family groups. In just one hour, 100 maps were given out and over that number of people started. The turnout was boosted by personal invites from members, possibly the previous placement of posters in the visitor centre and the fine weather - cool but dry. This together with the friendly, busy atmosphere contributed to people apparently enjoying their runs. Quite a few said so and that they would do it again.

The early rush almost caught us out on the map front. But Sue borrowed 10 from Fallibroome to clear the registration queue and Eddie just about kept pace printing new ones from the back of his car. Graham kept things moving at the Start and there was never a big queue - just enough for Julie to mingle and offer advice to obvious newcomers.

When I first picked 25 possible control sites from the map, I found that 12 of them coincided with sites chosen in one previous event; such is the size, shape and nature of the park. In the end, I chose to increase the concentration in the two open areas either side of the motorway and minimise the number around the perimeter of the lake. If athletes wanted a clearance they had to do a lap of the lake, but steadier runners could still get plenty of controls by staying in one or both of the two main areas. The map has been extended recently to show the tunnel under the motorway and this seems to have been well used by those doing full laps.

There was a minor incident when a landowner complained that some teenage competitors had taken a short cut out-of-bounds across her paddock on the other side of the motorway. Edouard visited her with Gallic charm while collecting controls and all was well.

I was blessed with a large number of very willing helpers from 9:00 till 12:30. I hope no-one felt underemployed and that the high turnout kept everyone busy and made their contribution feel worthwhile :
Eddie Speak
Edouard Salathe
Richard Preece
Julie Brook
Marie Roberts
Andrew Gregory
Graham Phythian
Kate Bryant
Sue Birkinshaw
Margaret Gregory
Beren Airstone
Janette Proud

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