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Watergrove NW Night League Event
January 31st, 2009

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Organiser - Chris Rostron

As I had been able to do very little before Christmas, it was all a little last minute and not without its issues. Especially when the 'venue' we were to have used was double booked at the last minute, however, with the excellent help from the United Utilitities Countryside Ranger, Stephen Jones, we are able to have use of the Sailboard club which on such a cold night was very welcome.
I think everyone who came enjoyed the excellent courses that John had put on and certainly had value for money judging by the times.
As always I had excellent help on the night from MDOC and family. Trevor and Marie Roberts, Jen Britton, Steve Lang, my wife Eija and son Hanno.
Not to forget the ones behind the scenes who always help every event Pete Lomas and Eddie Speak.

Planner - John Britton

It's a pleasure to plan on such an excellent area for Night-O. I tried to use the best of the technical stuff and avoid as much as possible of the boggy stuff, though the unwelcome arrival of miles of serious new fences made things a bit tricky. From the times, the lengths look to be a bit on the long side, but some of that was necessary to get round the fences. Thank goodness it was a lovely night !

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