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Alderley Edge Evening Event
July 16th, 2009

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Organiser's Comments

Any organiser is only as good as his/her supporting team and mine was, in true MDOC style, superb. I can think of no other activity, outside of downright charity, where a group of people are so generous of their time, and often many times each year. One only has to register that not all helpers even have a run, to see that this is special; it is a joy and a privilege to work with these "unpaid professionals" (many of them youngsters, which I find very uplifting), without whom, orienteering as an organised sport, would not exist. So it's an enormous thank you from me to the helpers (and to Steve for setting such interesting courses!). Thank you also to the very helpful cooperation from the National Trust, without whose annual permission, this event could not go ahead.

I am still awaiting apologies from the weather; in the meantime here are some from me I cut a deal with the NT warden to lock the main gates at 7:00. Had I been a decent organiser I would have told you about this; still it was far more entertaining to see all these cars backing away from the gates in confusion. I did use the words "pathless map" on the Blue course information at registration, so those of you who noticed (inconceivably after 3 or 4 controls, I heard!) that "hey, they've given me a map without any paths marked" should learn to check the boards at registration; case rests. Despite the appalling weather the turnout was extremely good for an evening event .. I believe we topped 180; perhaps orienteers just love frolicking in the mud; there was certainly a lot of it going on.

Thanks to everyone who took part and made it an 'event' to remember.

Phil Colville

Planner's Comments - Steve Lang

There were lots of smiles at download (despite the rain) making the effort very rewarding.

I hope the brave souls who chose the Blue course enjoyed the challenge; and if it wasn't your thing that you were happy with the Green course. The comments were positive; I trust you weren't just being polite.

Looking at the results, the orange course appears to have been too difficult with many people having to retire and with some long splits. Was the course too physical and/or technical? I would welcome feedback.

Thanks go to Andy Thornton (and his team of helpers, i.e. family) for controlling the event, and to the many who help to put out the controls and to bring them back in. I was not looking forward to control collection but the big team of helpers made it less unpleasant.

Controller - Andy Thornton

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